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Re: Mylwaukee Weather

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  • Berni Phillips
    ... Since this has been mentioned twice, I ll address it, even though it s a private matter. David was in both Milwaukee and in Wheaton at the Wade. No, he
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 28, 1999
      Stolzi@... wrote:
      > From: Stolzi@...
      > In a message dated 7/27/99 4:23:00 PM Central Daylight Time,
      > fisher@... writes:
      > > David Bratman, who's already in Milwaukee
      > > >doing research at the Wade Center
      > Seems to be a confusion in what Edith wrote here. The Wade is, as Matt said,
      > in Wheaton west of Chicago. I believe David is working there, rather than
      > at the Tolkien archives at Marquette, Milwaukee.

      Since this has been mentioned twice, I'll address it, even though it's a
      private matter. David was in both Milwaukee and in Wheaton at the
      Wade. No, he wasn't bilocating. (No Padre Pio, he.) He flew into
      Milwaukee, drove to Wheaton for research, drove a bunch of other places
      in the Midwest (he's called me every night with the same weather report,
      no matter where he's been: it's always hot and humid). He'll be
      obviously going back to Milwaukee to pick up his lovely wife and her
      intrepid traveling companion, Edith, Warrior Steward.

      > Several years ago we attended a Mythcon held at Marquette itself, in
      > Milwaukee. We had an air-conditioned dorm which had been a motel once. But
      > yes, it was hot outside. I remember dropping into a large Jesuit church
      > which was unairconditioned and feeling very sorry for priests and penitents
      > who might be in the little confession cubicles w/closed doors. And the
      > priests have to stay there longer.

      Perhaps this is why it's no longer confined to the little
      confessionals. They have big mass (no pun intended) services and you
      queue up for a face-to-face confession with the pastor and various
      rent-a-priests. (My church doesn't even have any confessionals. I have
      to go to another parish if I want to be anonymous.)

      > I also remember the Procession with banners and garb, going down a main
      > Milwaukee street. Talk about self-consciousness!

      Alas, my luggage constraints do not allow any packing of costume or
      banner. That electric fan I packed was a high priority.

      Berni, Worrier Princess

      No, thank you, I don't want any of the following:
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