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Re: [mythsoc] pronunciation of "Isildur"

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  • Steve Dufour
    ... Thanks Carl, I also don t like the way they said Mordor , based on how I think in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie and for into darkness fell
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 26 8:49 AM
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      > > > Did they get this right in the movie? > >
      Yes. It's _ee-SEEL-door_. > > (The pronunciation of
      unstressed _i_ is open to > debate, but I won't go
      into > that here.) Thanks Carl, I also don't like the
      way they said "Mordor", based on how I think "in the
      land of Mordor where the shadows lie" and "for into
      darkness fell his star, in Mordor where the shadows
      are' should sound. Not based on any scholarship in
      Middle-earth linguistics. Anyway I thought they did a
      great job overall in the movie. Happy Holidays to all.
      Steve D., mostly a lurker
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