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Re: Harry Potter movie

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    I doubt that calling it the Philosopher s Stone would have helped. None of these people have read the books, have any interest in reading the books... All
    Message 1 of 23 , Nov 26, 2001
      I doubt that calling it the "Philosopher's Stone" would have helped. None of these people have read the books, have any interest in reading the books... All they see is the word "Witch" in any association with a book and want it banned. "Oh, I can't read the book it would condemn me to hell", an actual quote from a radio talk show I heard recently. These are also the people who want to ban the Wizard of Oz, fairy tales, and frequently The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (has Witch in the Title, not to mention Aslan is too much like Christ!).
      Basically, if it isn't the Bible they want it banned from Public Schools! Yes, PUBLIC Schools. So their children can go to tax payer supported Christian Safe Schools. Heaven forbid they should pay for the private Christian Education they want for their children...

      "What's wrong with a good Christian prayer in school?" asked the State Assembllyman in Florida in a public hearing in front of Rabbis and Mullahs, and whatever the Hundus call their holy men. *choke*

      These people don't think, they just do what their leaders tell them to do. Some of them even fly into buildings for Allah.

      By the way, we've seen HP once and are planning to see it again Real Soon.

      My husband read the book again on Friday after having seen the movie and said confirmed that little was left out, most of that not very cinematic, and thus left enough of the book to be considered a good adaptation.

      I haven't had time to read the books yet, and found the story easy enough to follow without having read the books. Some time in my copious spare time, I will have to read them all. I definitely want to... (Thyme can be bought at the grocery store <g>.)

      I liked all the kids. It's not easy to act when you are still young, and don't have much experience in life, but most of them seemed to nail their parts. The adults seemed comfortable, "Typecast", in their rolls as well. Jo did say that she saw actors in the various rolls as she wrote the books and was actually able to get some of them!

      Mythically yours,


      "dianejoy@..." wrote:

      > Now I want to go back and read *Philosopher's Stone* again. (I'm convinced that if they'd kept the British name, we wouldn't be hearing nearly as much from a certain strain of evangelicals.) ---djb
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