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It's L.A., not Narnia, dude

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  • David Lenander
    Have people previously reported this? In the USA Weekend for Nov. 16-18, from last Sunday s newspaper, there s a little article with this title, under News
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      Have people previously reported this?

      In the USA Weekend for Nov. 16-18, from last Sunday's newspaper, there's a
      little article with this title, under "News and Views," nicely illustrated
      with the color version of the Pauline Baynes White Witch following a bound
      Edmund and her dwarf, who is holding Edmund's rope and carrying a whip.
      After the first half of the article discusses Harry Potter and Lord of the
      Rings movies, the article turns to Narnia, mentioning the plans to do two
      new Narnia books, and plush toys. Then the article comments: "C.S. Lewis,
      who died in 1963, would understand. He said of his original stories:
      'People won't write the books I want, so I have to do it for myself.'"

      [I have to interject here, that this doesn't mean he wanted others to write
      the books he didn't want in his name, and he never mentioned wanting plush
      toy Aslans

      In any case, the article continues:]

      "It's not the first time a rehaul of his classic works has been attempted.
      Several years ago, Paramount Pictures bought a script based upon LWW, the
      best-known Narnia book, and reinvented the plot and characters. The setting
      moved from World War II England to modern L.A. Instead of Turkish delight,
      the White Witch temps little Edmund into eating . . . hamburgers!"

      To which Jo Ann commented, Edmund would complain about the toys accompanying
      the hamburger. "I don't want that Lord of the Rings stuff, can't you get
      the Harry Potter plastic snitch?"

      I hadn't heard about the details of the Paramount project, though I heard
      recently that Paramount dropped the project (thank Aslan!), but other
      studios are vying for the rights. I do hope that they aren't after the same
      script. With the success of Harry Potter, maybe they'll decide to set it in
      WWII England, after all. Actually, with the various treatments of LWW
      previously done, maybe it would be nice if the studios would start with _The
      Magician's Nephew_, since that one hasn't been done in either cartoon or the
      previous BBC television series. They could get the actors who played
      Hermione and Ron Weasley to play Polly and Digory, in between filming the
      next harry potter movie.

      -- David Lenander
      293 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55102-1811
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