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[Fwd: Future Orbits - new science fiction eBook magazine]

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  • Edith Crowe
    FYI only--web URL below for those who wish to pursue. Edith
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2001
      FYI only--web URL below for those who wish to pursue.


      Tom Vander Neut wrote:

      > Dear Ms. Crowe: I thought the members of The Mythopoeic Society might be
      > interested in Future Orbits, a new professional science fiction ebook
      > magazine, for their reading pleasure. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would
      > pass on the below information about Future Orbits to them. I've attached a
      > PDF copy of the magazine for your review, and I'd be more than happy to send
      > you it in Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket and/or Rocket eBook format as well.
      > Thanks. Tom Vander Neut.
      > Tom Vander Neut
      > Editor/Publisher
      > Future Orbits
      > P.O. Box 239
      > Hatboro, PA 19040
      > United States of America
      > www.futureorbits.com
      > tvanderneut@...
      > --------------------------------
      > The Future Orbits Free Premiere Issue is now available at
      > www.futureorbits.com!
      > Read original, previously unpublished science fiction short stories by
      > professional writers in Future Orbits, a new bimonthly magazine published
      > exclusively in today’s major eBook formats. Future Orbits, which only costs
      > $7.95 for a six-issue subscription, can be read on desktop computers, laptop
      > computers, and popular handheld computers, such as Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs,
      > Franklin eBookmans, and Rocket eBooks.
      > Future Orbits Free Premiere Issue (October/November 2001) contents:
      > Short Stories
      > BLUES FOR AMY by Nebula-finalist K.D. Wentworth: A man struggling to live
      > with a past misdeed receives some unwanted alien assistance.
      > HERETICS by Thomas Marcinko: The first missionary to a distant world suffers
      > a crisis in faith.
      > THE MINCH MANEUVER by Fiona Curnow: An interstellar story of a downtrodden
      > cargo captain trying to earn her way to freedom -- while experiencing a new
      > love.
      > GENETOPIA by Keith Brooke: Growing pains threaten to lead a prominent clan’s
      > heir astray in a world where mutations have blurred the line between human
      > and animal.
      > THAT DAMNED OLD MAN by Paul E. Martens: The expectations of a science
      > fiction-writing grandfather drive a grandson to leave Earth for the stars.
      > POSTCARDS FROM PLUTO by Karl El-Koura: A couple on the outs takes separate
      > vacations at the opposite ends of the solar system.
      > Commentary
      > BEYOND 2001 by Hugo and Nebula award-winner Geoffrey A. Landis: A vision for
      > exploring some of the greatest mysteries in our solar system.
      > Order your free copy at www.futureorbits.com or by sending an email to
      > freeissue@.... If you send an email, be sure to include your
      > shipping email address and whether you would like to receive Future Orbits
      > in the Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, or Rocket eBook
      > format.
      > For a limited time, if you order a six-issue subscription to Future Orbits
      > for US$7.95, you will receive two additional issues free. You may place your
      > order at www.futureorbits.com.
      > Visit www.futureorbits.com for more information.
      > Thank you!
      > Tom Vander Neut
      > Editor/Publisher
      > Future Orbits
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