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Re: Axes of the Dwarves!

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    In a message dated 7/19/99 9:44:22 AM Central Daylight Time, ... with ... That s what I thought myself, Wendell. (Btw, it s not this man - Chris Crawshaw of
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      In a message dated 7/19/99 9:44:22 AM Central Daylight Time,
      WendellWag@... writes:

      > I wasn't thinking
      > particularly of Birmingham when asked for a Midlands accent, though, since
      > the quote that Mary gave said that this man wanted the hobbits to speak
      > a rural Midlands accent.

      That's what I thought myself, Wendell. (Btw, it's not "this man" - Chris
      Crawshaw of the British Tolkien Society is apparently female. I suppose her
      rationale is that Tolkien grew up in and near Birmingham.) However, it
      seems they will all speak with whatever generic "English" accent can be
      managed by the American, Scottish, English actors!

      I used to know a man (when we lived in Southern Africa) from Leicestershire,
      and to me he sounded "north of England." But I do not have a particularly
      good ear for these things. Or was it Lancashire he came from!?! Anyway,
      his children laughed at him when he told them "Ask your Mam" instead of
      "Mummy." And his speech was flatter, more like American, than the familiar
      "English accent."

      Mary S
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