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New trailer (spoiler)

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  • David S. Bratman
    I wasn t expecting to find a new LOTR trailer tucked into a commercial break in the Monday episode of Angel , but there it is. The third or fourth trailer
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
      I wasn't expecting to find a new LOTR trailer tucked into a commercial
      break in the Monday episode of "Angel", but there it is. The third or
      fourth trailer (depending on how you're counting), this one crams the
      entire story of volume 1 into about two minutes time. Now you don't even
      have to see the film! <g>

      Any multiple-times reader of the book will be able to identify every scene
      shown. We're getting a much, much better idea of exactly what changes have
      been wrought in Tolkien's creation than we ever had before. If you don't
      want to know, then avert your eyes now, because I'm going to lay it
      out. (Spoiler, you say? Just who is spoiling what?)

      1) We are told that if the Ring is captured, its bearer will be killed. Oh
      no. In the book, there is much worse than that in store for him. How
      trivial, to be killed.

      2) Gotta beef up those danger scenes. Nothing softly creepy in this
      interpretation, nope. Frodo can't just be steathily followed by a Black
      Rider on his way to the Buckleberry Ferry: no, he has to leap desperately
      onto the boat just out of the Rider's clutches. Pippin doesn't just drop a
      stone into the well in Moria: no, an entire skeleton, complete with
      outsized cobwebs, has to fall in, in two stages. Sheesh. The real battle
      scenes (the one in Moria seemed pretty accurately rendered) will be
      flattened out without the proper contrast. Do the filmmakers want to make
      the book seem boring in comparison?

      3) It's true, it's true! Arwen, Warrior Princess, is upon us! It is at
      last very clear that the rumors are correct and that Glorfindel's role has
      been rolled into Arwen's; and not only that, she gets to make a big heroic
      stand at the Ford in a way that will undercut whatever Frodo may do. The
      biggest problem is, just what will become of the uniquely desperate quality
      of Eowyn's heroism when the woods are crawling with Warrior Princesses?

      4) Galadriel. This is more interesting, and subtle. In the previous
      trailer, she said to Frodo, "Even the smallest person can change the course
      of the future." The sentiment was awfully close to something Elrond says
      at the close of the Council chapter, but the wording struck most people as
      highly un-Tolkienian ... at least, nobody here demurred when it was so
      called on this list. This time, she says "This task was appointed to you,
      Frodo, and if you do not find a way, no one will." This is almost a dead
      copy of something else Elrond says in the same scene. I don't mind the
      transfer of Elrond's whole speech to Galadriel: there are probably good
      dramatic structural reasons for that. But the difference in the exact
      wording is telling. What Elrond says is "I think that this task is
      appointed for you ..." A guess, not an order; present tense, not past; a
      better choice of preposition.

      5) Aragorn speaks so quietly. I'm not sure what I think of that. It would
      stand out less if everybody else weren't so loud and stiffly over-acting.

      6) Why, oh why, after all the technical advances in special effects in
      recent years, do the big set-piece scenes (the fall of the Bridge, the
      Argonath) have to look so totally fake?

      David Bratman
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