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RE: [mythsoc] Tolkien, Shakespeare, et al

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  • Janet Croft
    Ron, you ve got a great idea for a paper for the next Mythcon (theme: Shakespeare in Fantasy)! I d encourage you to pursue it! Janet ... From:
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      Ron, you've got a great idea for a paper for the next Mythcon (theme:
      Shakespeare in Fantasy)! I'd encourage you to pursue it!

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      Subject: [mythsoc] Tolkien, Shakespeare, et al

      With all this discussion of Professor Tolkien's perceived stature among
      his literary fellows going on, it occurs to me that one might well ask
      how much of academic interest is shaped by fashion.

      Are there any good sources about, for example, exactly how and why
      Shakespeare's perceived stature among academics and literati evolved from
      "uninspired popular hack" in the 18th century, to "The Greatest" over the
      span of the 19th? I'm not an expert in the general critical literature,
      but perhaps some of the Society folk here are, and could recommend some
      biblographic references.

      I suspect strongly that such sources might contain some interesting clues
      as to how the future may treat with JRRT's literary persona ...

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