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  • Trudy Shaw
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      The Wind's Twelve Quarters is a wonderful book above and beyond 'The Ones Who
      Walk Away from Omelas'. It's available used at half.com for $0.50 to $2.00
      plus shipping.

      I'll piggyback on stephen's post here so as not to add a separate "ad"--I've been surprised at what I've been able to find through half.com at really low prices. They don't have everything, but for books that weren't "rare" when they were published but are now out-of-print they're a good place to try. I've made about a dozen purchases from them and all have been good experiences except for one that was mildly disappointing--just be sure to check the seller's rating. Coincidentally, in the same "batch" of e-mail as these latest posts, I had a reminder from half.com that they have "millions of textbooks" available, so maybe some of those English anthologies would show up. Of course, nobody gets any royalties from this, either (there were some upset authors when Amazon started selling used books on their site), but it is legal.

      I have to say I do empathize with the many people for whom the library route doesn't always work (since I'm one of them). Trying to find a good selection of fantasy in most libraries is next-to-impossible unless you live in a large city or have a college around that happens to have someone who buys that type of book for the library (in my experience, most don't--including the two universities and one college closest to me). I haven't resorted to anything illegal--I just don't get to read the book unless I can find it used somewhere at a reasonable price (which, of course, is easier than it was before the Internet, although I can't afford to pay "collectors" prices).

      You can try inter-library loans, but some libraries charge a fair amount for that, assuming they can _find_ the book somewhere else. Many libraries are happy to order a book for their collection if you request it, but, of course, that applies to books that are still in print.--Anyone aware of other "techniques" to find specific books through libraries for those of us who are "geographically challenged"?


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