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Suite101 essays

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  • Michael Martinez
    Because I recently moved and started a new job, I fell behind in my Suite101 essays (I m on a weekly schedule), so I ve been working hard to catch up. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2001
      Because I recently moved and started a new job, I fell behind in my
      Suite101 essays (I'm on a weekly schedule), so I've been working hard
      to catch up.

      I actually wrote one the other day which I think would be of interest
      to Mythopoeic Society members. And anyone who has discussed the
      Anglo-Saxonist point-of-view with me through the years will be
      particularly interested, I think, in "Tolkien's time machine: when
      literary worlds collide" (no real H.G. Wells connection -- I just
      liked the way the headline worked out, but it's an appropriate
      description of the article's purpose).

      Anyway, here are the three most recent essays for Suite101. Although
      starting a new job has left me with less time for surfing forums,
      because of the way Yahoo! Groups is set up, and the fact that I'm
      subscribed to a professional forum, I'm able to check in here every
      day or two (in case you hadn't noticed). I'll be genuinely
      interested in your thoughts on my conclusion in that essay.

      26 Jul 2001
      Browsing the compleat Middle-earth library

      The study of J.R.R. Tolkien's life and works is an ever-expanding
      field. Here is a road-map for readers new and old to help them
      navigate their way through the winding paths of Tolkiendom.


      22 Jul 2001
      Tolkien's time machine: when literary worlds collide

      Most readers agree that The Lord of the Rings is a unique book. And
      though J.R.R. Tolkien is credited with helping launch the modern
      fantasy literary genre, there are no other books which approach LoTR
      in quality and perfection. Why? Could it be that Tolkien was pursuing
      a goal which no one else has yet attempted?


      16 Jul 2001
      In Feanor's Footsteps

      Could Tolkien have fully visualized the War of Wrath as he provided
      details for so many other events, or was it necessarily a legend
      about which little could or should be known?


      I'll try to check back here soon, but among other things I have
      company coming this weekend. :)

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