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Fwd: Fellowship of the Ring Marathon Reading

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  • Eleanor Farrell
    Am forwarding this message in case anyone on the list is interested in participating or contacting them ... Ellie
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2001
      Am forwarding this message in case anyone on the list is interested
      in participating or contacting them ...


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      >Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 18:44:50 -0400 (EDT)
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      >Subject: Fellowship of the Ring Marathon Reading
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      > > Rev. Gordon Jardy, The EDGE: Lutheran Campus Ministry at CSU
      >> ___________________________________________________________
      >> Greetings from somewhere other than "Middle-earth!" I am
      >> a campus pastor here at Cleveland State University and am in
      >> conversation with our English department here about doing a
      >> Marathon reading of "The Fellowship of the Ring" in October, 2001
      >> for our Fall Semester at the University.
      >> This would be the first time we are attempting something like this.
      >> We need some basic information. First, how long do you think it would
      >> take to read "The Fellowship of the Ring" in its entirety with various
      >> people taking turns doing the readings consecutively?
      >> Second, we would love it if someone like Priscilla or any other
      >> living member of JRR Tolkien's family might consider joining us
      >> for the reading? We are planning to have as many props and other
      >> items such as music and art to help create an enriching experience
      >> for all the participants and visitors.
      >> Our initial working dates for the Marathon reading are:
      >> (Friday-Saturday) Oct 5-6, 12-13, or 19-20.
      >> Depending how long it would take to do the reading will determine
      >> what time we start on the Friday and when we end on Saturday.
      >> Initial thoughts are to start at 7 PM Friday night and go till
      >> sometime on Saturday. But this is changeable.
      >> We will have students, faculty and other interested people from the Greater
      >> Cleveland area be involved as readers or help with all the other things
      >> associated with the Reading. We plan on having food and beverages available.
      >> Beverages would include coffee, tea, pop, juice, etc...
      >> We are also planning to invite the director and/or an actor or two from the
      >> upcoming movie to join us for the reading and to even read. We would love
      >> it if you could respond to this email ASAP for it helps us with the
      >> planning.
      >> We hope it can work out for someone from Tolkien's family or your Society
      >to also
      >> join us for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate this great work of
      >> Literature. Thanks for taking the time with this request, and hope to hear
      >> from someone soon.
      >> Blessings,
      >> Under the Mercy,
      > > Pastor Gordon
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