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  • Edith Crowe
    Folks, I ve been checking through my Corresponding Secretary email and discovered that this one had slipped between the cracks. Should any of you be interested
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
      Folks, I've been checking through my Corresponding Secretary email and discovered
      that this one had slipped between the cracks. Should any of you be interested in
      corresponding with this gentleman from Russia, his email is fantalov@...


      Alex Fantalov wrote:

      > Hello!
      > Thank you for your time. My name is Alex Fantalov. I am a university teacher
      > from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I would like to collaborate with persons, who
      > know modern technologies for media-projects concerning mythology. I would like
      > also to collaborate with various educational mythological projects. Do you know
      > of any program dedicated to these themes? I think this is a good time
      > for mythological projects, given the extrodinary popularity of television
      > series such as Hercules and Xena, films like Star Wars (a sci-fi version of the
      > Hero's tale), and the huge amount of buzz about the upcoming Lord Of the Ring
      > film series. None of these are the myths themselves, but they do indicate an
      > interest in these themes.
      > I teach painting, drawing, and composition and such subjects as:'Principles of
      > Art', 'Principles of aesthetic education'. I have created a unique course 'The
      > mythologies of the world'. And now I lecture it (course is also awailable in
      > English). My web-site: '150 mythological pictures by Alex Fantalov'
      > http://www.geocities.com/fantalov or other adress http://www.fantalov.boom.ru
      > The main field of my interests is art and mythology. In my articles I
      > analyze the pre-modern pantheons of the northern and eastern European
      > people. Also I study the problems of mythical heritage reflection in the
      > Middle Ages and Modern Times cultures. Now my book "Mythology of the Northern
      > European people" is at the printer's. I am also a good artist. I paint in in
      > landscapes and still lives. But the main theme of my pictures is Mythology.
      > I took part in the Exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Artist Union. As well as
      > my own personal exhibitions. For example: The State Religion History Museum,
      > 1996. There were 12 pictures (oil on canvas). They showed the plots of the
      > Celtic mythology (including the Grail legends, the King Arthur's Death, the
      > Irish myths about Cuchulainn and Tuatha De Danann), and the plots of the
      > Kalevala (as its heroes as Vainamoinen, Ilmarinen, Lemminkainen). In 1995 my
      > graphic album 'Atlas of myths' was printed in the St.Petersburg. There on 30
      > pictures in this album I wanted to show the most interesting characters and
      > plots of Mesopotamian mythology, Chinese mythology, Indian mythology, Middle
      > American mythology, Celtic mythology, Scandinavian mythology and others. I
      > have created an interesting cycle of Slav mythology, including 40 pictures
      > (water-colors on paper).
      > I would like to collaborate with a corresponding program. If you would be kind
      > enough to put me in contacts with others who are working in a similar vein, I
      > would be most grateful. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.
      > Regards,Alex Fantalov.
      > ----
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