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    In a message dated 7/9/99 12:59:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, shield333@netscape.net writes:
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      In a message dated 7/9/99 12:59:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      shield333@... writes:

      << Concerning C.S.Lewis popularity among political conserva-
      tives:I'm one and the Lewis books(almost everything he
      wrote),has been incorporated into what I believe and how
      I think.They were the first books God led me to read,from
      the doctrinal,(like Mere Christianity and The Problem of
      Pain),to his Sci-Fi trilogy, Narnia,and The Great Divorce,
      which pointed me toward his master,MacDonald,and his two
      friends,Williams and Tolkien.It was about a year before I
      found a book store that had Williams fiction,and another
      four yrs before I found the first paperback reprints of
      MacDonald.I found THEM,(in 1981)in a Logos bookstore in
      the French Quarter of New Orleans,in a section called,as
      mentioned,"C.S. Lewis & Friends,"which took up an entire
      corner of the store,(a large one,with extremely high ceil-
      ings,in a building over 200 yrs old,the shelves about 4ft
      on a side out of each side of the corner,and the ceiling
      was about 12 ft.)Haven't been back there since 1981,so I
      don't know if they are still around,but I would imagine
      that the book BUSINESS effects the ebb and flow to some
      degree,but not necessarily those of us who love to read,
      and in particular,this genre.(Later I added Madeline
      L'Engle's time series to the group,although I like the
      first 3 much better than the last two,since the effect
      MacDonald had on her books was much more obvious and made
      her more similar,in effect,to Lewis,in the first 3.)
      What it amounts to is that I am very conservative,(my
      self-description is Orthodox,using it as an adjective,not
      a denomination),in that I believe the Bible as written,
      taking it as symbolic WHERE IT SAYS it is symbolic,and ig-
      noring opinions and interpretations that say otherwise.I
      have very little trouble with the few disputable ideas
      Lewis might have.And I do NOT believe in dispensational-
      ism.God is the same,yesterday,today,and forever.In the
      meantime,I love Lewis,MacDonald,Williams,Tolkien,and
      L'Engle.No Probs.Cool??

      The bookstore I mentioned that I remembered finding lots of Lewis's books in
      (and which even had a C. S. Lewis and Friends section) was also a Logos
      bookstore and furthermore the last time I was in it was also 1981. I never
      said that Lewis was too theologically conservative for the religious
      bookstore I checked (it was a Family Books, just like the one Mary
      Stolzenbach mentioned). If anything he might be too theologically liberal
      for them. I was speculating that Lewis wasn't *explicitly* politically
      conservative enough for them. Lewis's political opinions would now be
      considered slightly conservative, but he hardly ever explicitly discussed
      most of the issues that the religious right are now concerned with.

      In any case, I now withdraw the speculation. I think the reason that I don't
      see Lewis's books in religious bookstores is that many of those stores only
      do lightweight stuff and I've just happened to look in those stores.

      Wendell Wagner
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