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Re: [mythsoc] Tucson Bookstores

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  • D & L Mattole
    You asked; ... used bookstores that I shouldn t miss in the Tucson - Tombstone - Bisbee area? Whenever I m in Tucson I visit Bookman s. You can usually find
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2001
      You asked;

      > We'll be going to Tucson soon. Are there any really good bookstores or
      used bookstores that I shouldn't miss in the Tucson - Tombstone - Bisbee

      Whenever I'm in Tucson I visit Bookman's. You can usually find some great
      things there at good prices. I found a first edition of Winterkill by Craig
      Lesley there for $9.95 when I was in Tucson about a month ago. I actually
      work for Borders, but I'm in HR and since I support the entire west coast I
      get to travel all of the time. I spend my evenings visiting the used
      bookstores. I spent this week in the Bay Area and had fun visiting stores.
      My biggest find this week was a great bookstore in Berkeley called
      Serendipity books where I picked up a 1st of Brendan by Buechner, as well as
      a book of poems published by Princeton while Buechner was a student which
      included his first published work - 5 poems. I could go on and on about
      used bookstores, but in Tucson, visit Bookmans.

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