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Re: [mythsoc] theory

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  • David S. Bratman
    ... found ... what I ... reactions to ... them ... Something like that. With the added proviso that one s theories may lead one to conclude that one likes or
    Message 1 of 5 , May 12, 2001
      >At 01:01 PM 5/12/2001 -0400, Wendell wrote:

      >I think in fact that what both David and I are saying is actually somewhere
      >between rigid theory and pure intuition. I think something like the
      >following happens whenever you've experienced sufficient examples of any art
      >fom over time: I suppose I've seen something like 3,000 movies in my life.
      >(Hey, I'm 49. It's not that much.) I wanted to react to them with a more
      >sophisticated response than saying "Oh, wow" at each new film I see. I
      >myself explaining to friends why I thought one film was good and another was
      >bad and which previous movies each was related to (and sometimes what books,
      >etc. they were related to.) Eventually I began writing down these responses
      >as reviews. As I began to have a body of reviews, I could look back on them
      >and see what principles I was using to evaluate the films. I saw that
      what I
      >was doing was creating a theory of Story and genre to explain my
      reactions to
      >films. I presume David has gone through roughly the same process. After he
      >had read hundreds of fantasy books and tried to explain his reactions to
      >in reviews, eventually he began to create theories to tie together his

      Something like that. With the added proviso that one's theories may lead
      one to conclude that one likes or dislikes a certain kind of book, and then
      one finds the opposite on actually reading them. Which means one's
      theories need further revision or development. (Actual examples: I thought
      I'd dislike fairy-tale retellings: turned out I liked them. I thought I'd
      enjoy a lot of Tolclones: turned out I didn't.)

      David Bratman
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