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Aha!! I get it now

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      tgshaw@... writes:

      << I'll even venture a guess that--possibly, just possibly--most good DM's
      also _read_ fantasy--but I could be wrong about that. >>

      I wouldn't touch those computer games with a stick. Er, well, I do play the
      play-by-email kind, where you are like writing the storyline together. It's
      not the same as writing a story, but it helps keep the reflexes oiled.
      Anyway, that sure clears up a lot for me. The DMs I've known are all people
      who were soaked in books for years before gaming; gaming was like this
      wonderful way of combining the world of fantasy from the books we've loved
      with something you can do with your friends. Incidentally, unless someone
      practically HITS me with a book, I won't read anything that has
      halflings/hobbits or orcs in it. Elves and dwarves predate Tolkien, but the
      other stuff I can't help but feel is imitation. There are many exceptions to
      this gut reaction, and of course imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
      once we are steeped in the Tolkien worldview (whatever that is) it's only
      natural to draw from it, as part of the fantasy/mythology morass.

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