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X-POST: Phantastes Spring 2001 Now Online

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  • Staci Dumoski
    Greetings from Phantastes, the Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism. The Spring 2001 issue of Phantastes, Building Fantasy Worlds 2 , is now online at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2001
      Greetings from Phantastes, the Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism. The
      Spring 2001 issue of Phantastes, "Building Fantasy Worlds 2", is now online
      at <http://www.phantastes.com/>

      This issue includes:
      An Interview with Sharon Green, by Debbie Ledesma.
      > "There are gender stereotypes everywhere, and I've noticed something strange:
      > if I'm not mistaken, books with "helpless" characters, both male and female,
      > seem to be more popular; the bigger the 'fraidy-cat,' in effect, the better
      > the sales."
      > <http://www.phantastes.com/01spring/green.html>
      Belief is in the Details: Don¹t Take the Present for Granted, by K.V.
      > ³Farming is a complex business; it goes on all around us, but most people
      > never give it a moment's thought, with embarrassing results for their
      > fiction.²
      > <http://www.phantastes.com/01spring/details.html>
      Change in Fantasy Civilizations, by Aaron Emmel
      > ŒYou've developed your fantasy world, and everything is perfect. You have your
      > good kingdom here, the rural town your hero grows up in there, your evil
      > empire that he'll have to infiltrate with his companions over there. You're
      > set. Until you decide to expand your book into a series, or set a story in the
      > same world but a different time.²
      > <http://www.phantastes.com/01spring/change.html>
      "What the Kelk is that Dwarf-Lover Doing?" Build a Better World Through
      Offensive Language, by Marissa Lingen
      > ³if you get the insults and curses right, no one will notice -- but if you get
      > them wrong, you'll break the mood, and the sense of wonder that goes with it.
      > Your profanities, obscenities, and insults can speak volumes about the culture
      > you're writing about.¹
      > <http://www.phantastes.com/01spring/kelk.html>
      William Morris and the Gift of Fantasy, by Kurt Henry
      > ³What makes Morris the pivotal figure in fantasy is the combination of an
      > imaginary -- yet seemingly real -- alternative world with the legend and
      > landscape of the Middle Ages. He deserves recognition from those who follow
      > the genre for having established some of the parameters of a new tradition of
      > storytelling that he called romance and we call fantasy.²
      > <http://www.phantastes.com/01spring/morris.html>
      While you are at the site, please remember to drop by the forums and tells
      us what you think: <http://www.phantastes.com/forums.html>

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      subject line.

      Staci Ann Dumoski
      Editor, Phantastes

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