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Re: [mythsoc] The Silver Trumpet

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    In a message dated 03/15/2001 1:25:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, daeron@bellsouth.net writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 23, 2001
      In a message dated 03/15/2001 1:25:56 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      daeron@... writes:

      << This, I
      recognized immediately, was a very different sort of book from Winnie the
      Pooh, Dr.
      Seuss, and Disney's adaptations of beast fables. Actually, it scared me a
      bit to be so strongly affected by a book. Eight year old kids aren't
      supposed to
      have such strong desires kindled in their little hearts. >>

      I have asked a friend to look for this book for me. Meanwhile, I have been
      chewing on the whole thing of how the books move us. LOTR moved me greatly,
      but I was 9 when I first read it. I remember riding my bike in gloomy
      circles after Gandalf fell into Moria. And a terrible crush on Strider. ggg

      Then I wondered about Gandalf's return, all dazzling and so on. I can't but
      resist comparing it to Christ's Resurrection, which is so obvious and
      probably done to death... but that's not my point anyway. I am more
      wondering how much people were moved by LOTR if they first read it as
      adults.. and whether we have periods when we are more "moveable." I know I
      was storm-tossed by Williams' writing and Especially the Arthuriad, oh my!
      But was that because I was 20?

      Someone quipped that if you write poetry at, I don't recall the age, say 20,
      you are young, and if you write poetry at 50, you are a poet. Something like
      that. I live in dread that history will record I was no writer but only a
      scribbling youth....

      What could I read today for the first time that people might consider
      equally, well, moving?

      I have my favorites in the attic, and others that I wonder if I even still
      have, but rereading isn't the test I'm looking for anyway.

      And pardon if my note is just as unclear as usual; I have a naughty
      3-year-old at my elbow. Please tell me there is reading time in the future
      again, when the kids are older... At least the 5 yo is next door.

      I got my first issues of Mythlore yesterday, including the Tolkien
      Commemorative issue. How that one plucked at the heartstrings... first I was
      looking at it, not seeing the theme, and thinking, OH this was from right
      after the Professor died! OMG, what a Time Machine!! Then I saw the

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