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Re: [mythsoc] Roald Dahl? and so on, a ramble

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  • Margaret Dean
    ... Also =Charlie and the Chocolate Factory= (which I ve read, along with =James and the Giant Peach=) and a number of other children s books (which I
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2001
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      ERATRIANO@... wrote:
      > probably OT, but I just saw Roald Dahl's name as one of two screenwriters for
      > Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and am trying to think what he wrote. James and the
      > Giant Peach? Strikes me that he's a little bit warped (which would suit CCBB
      > just fine) but I can't recall who he is, or is it was?

      Also =Charlie and the Chocolate Factory= (which I've read, along
      with =James and the Giant Peach=) and a number of other
      children's books (which I haven't). Yeah, he's a little warped,
      your point being? :)

      The early chapters (especially) of the first Harry Potter book
      remind me strongly of Dahl, with the supposedly human Dursleys
      who are monstrous under the skin, contrasted with the outwardly
      weird wizarding folk (esp. Hagrid) who show much more human
      feeling. Cf. the horrid aunts in =James and the Giant Peach=
      contrasted with the giant insects inside the Peach, who look
      bizarre but who prove to be good friends.

      --Margaret Dean
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