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  • Joan Marie Verba
    PLENTY OF LORD OF THE RINGS INFO Christopher Lee answers Tolkien questions: This Saturday, February 24, 2001, Christopher Lee will be answering questions
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      Christopher Lee answers Tolkien questions:
      This Saturday, February 24, 2001, Christopher Lee will be answering
      questions regarding The Lord of the Rings books and their author J. R. R.
      Tolkien. This video event will be broadcast live between 4-7pm GMT. An
      start time will be posted at the official Christopher Lee Site on Friday or
      Saturday. As always the time depends on Mr. Lee�s availability, so check
      site often.

      Playmates Toy Information:

      "The real core of the LotR merchandise from Playmates Toys is the building
      block sets. Imagine a cross between the Simpsons action figures and Lego�
      building blocks, and you have a good picture of what these sets will be
      like. There will be several sets which you can build using the blocks, and
      there will be 41 small figures that go with the sets. Each figure is
      on a block so that it can be snapped into the sets. The block attached to
      each figure has a chip in it, so that the set knows which figure is placed
      where and which sound clip to play: this also allows two or more figures to
      "interact" with each other."

      ToyBiz Toy Information:

      The 6" action figures were sculpted using the Real Scan process, meaning
      that the actors were scanned (while in full makeup and costumes) to create
      the most realistic sculpts possible. These figures are on a 6" scale,
      meaning that one foot of character height equals one inch of action figure
      height. Obviously, some figures will be taller than others, and to keep the
      value even across the line, Toy Biz is packing extras in with the smaller
      characters` figures.

      Each action figure will come with a section of a diagram: if you collect
      every section, you can assemble a map of Middle Earth.

      SideShow Toy Information:

      Sideshow Toy has partnered with Weta Workshop of New Zealand to create
      collectibles based on the LotR trilogy. Weta is the special effects company
      responsible for the effects and makeup on the films. (Weta Workshop also
      the effects for the Xena and Hercules television shows.)

      This unique collaboration means that very often, the same makeup artist who
      created the masks and makeup for the actors also did the sculpting on the
      busts and statues!

      There will be five different lines of polystone collectibles: statues,
      busts, miniature (metal) weapons, miniature helms/armor, and
      buildings/environments. (Masks and wall plaques are also planned, but
      release dates are yet to be announced.) Polystone is a higher quality
      material than plastic and is more durable than porcelain.

      The retail prices will vary depending on the size of each piece, but expect
      the busts to be in the $45-65 USD range, the helmets to be around $25, and
      the statue figurines to be around $100 for a human character. Sideshow/Weta
      has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for these collectibles, so
      expect them to be released worldwide according to this schedule.

      Billy Boyd Talks LOTR too!

      Gimli`s co-star Billy Boyd, who plays Hobbit Pippin Took, was equally keen
      to tell us how brilliant the filming experience had been. `It was amazing.
      To be in New Zealand for a year and a half is incredible. And to be filming
      in places that not only had never been filmed in, but where you would think
      nobody`s been for hundreds of years - to be helicoptered on the tops of
      mountain. I mean, no acting required! It was just an incredible journey.

      Even the dialogue, it seemed proved no problem. `It`s a heightened
      because it`s a different world. A lot of it was taken from the book - so
      it`s incredibly well written and Fran and Phillippa and Peter who adapted
      for the screen have done a great job. They kept going back to the book as
      well as inventing some stuff to make it more of a movie experience.`

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