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Re: [mythsoc] Mythopoeic Society Bylaws Amendment

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  • David S. Bratman
    ... That s a wish list as long as we don t have those people. We ve been lucky, and have had to do a certain amount of very active recruiting, to find the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2001
      David Lenander wrote:

      >I wasn't a Steward as long as David was, but I was for quite a few years. I'm
      >voting yes. I see David's points, but I think I agree with the Council that
      >it would be a good idea to include a few more.

      That's a wish list as long as we don't have those people. We've been
      lucky, and have had to do a certain amount of very active recruiting, to
      find the ones we have, with various awkward vacancies intervening.

      >Another possibility might be
      >to look once again at a different model proposed by Diana Pavlac, many years
      >ago, with even fewer Council members but restructuring things rather

      This is the model I was referring to.

      >One point of disagreement with David about facts: we have NOT sought a
      >Society Publicist at any point in many years as we had one. I am not even
      >clear that the position is currently vacant, but the whole time I was liaison
      >to publicity on Council I was liaison to a person appointed by a previous
      >Steward and confirmed/accepted by Council. I didn't receive any resignation
      >and never felt it was my place to ask it. But a Council position (which we
      >did once have) would be filled for a definite term. I think that we ought to
      >seek such a person.

      I simplified to save space and to avoid anything that might be construed as
      criticism of individuals, but my point remains valid. It's one thing to
      seek a good publicist. It's another thing actually to get one. We have in
      fact, as you say, had a person appointed as publicist as a subordinate
      position. Prior to that we had publicist as a Stewardship. But we let it
      lapse because very little publicity was being issued, and appointed the
      subordinate publicist merely as a way of avoiding letting it go totally by
      the wayside.

      It was over 15 years ago, during the early 1980s, that Council began to
      address the issue of publicity by creating a position to deal with it.
      Ever since then, we have wished to capitalize on the need for publicity,
      and have never been able to do so. That was my original point, slightly
      rephrased for factual clarity.

      >After all, some people said we'd never find a Mythlore editor that way,
      but we did.

      I don't recall anyone saying that. The concern with ML was the time and
      willingness to take on the commitment, not the ability to do it. But even
      at that, things worked out much better than they might have. The current
      editor of ML is doing a fine job, but such ability is not otherwise unknown
      in the Society. A natural talent at publicity seems less frequently found
      in the same body as a fervent interest in Tolkien and Lewis. If that's not
      so, then where are such people?

      David Bratman
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