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  • Joan Marie Verba
    LORD OF THE RINGS MUSEUM? STUFF reports the following: The meeting was as long as a Tolkien trilogy when it could ve been a 10-minute short story. For those
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2001

      STUFF reports the following:

      The meeting was as long as a Tolkien trilogy when it could've been a
      10-minute short story.
      For those who like to skip straight to the last page, Wellington city
      councillor Mary Varnham will accompany Mayor Mark Blumsky to New York this
      month at a cost to ratepayers of about $14,250.

      The pair - usually political opponents - will spend two days there talking
      to The Lord Of The Rings movie backer New Line Cinema about setting up a
      permanent Rings museum in Wellington.

      Mr Blumsky's travel costs are being paid by Air New Zealand, and while it's
      a project that every councillor apparently supports, a large minority don't
      support Councillor Varnham going, nor having ratepayers fund her
      business-class travel expenses.

      It took almost three hours of political manoeuvrings, squabbling and
      personal disparagement to reach the decision.

      "We are getting so nit-picking and small-minded about this, it's getting
      ridiculous," Councillor Andy Foster summed up.

      Councillors were bound to pick apart the travel plans while the public was
      excluded, but the doors were left open after Mr Blumsky said detail of the
      proposal did not need to be discussed.

      It involves a Lord Of The Rings museum in Wellington using sets from the
      movie. Film director Peter Jackson was closely involved but wanted the
      council to "sort out the bureaucracy", Mr Blumsky said.

      Mr Blumsky and Councillor Varnham will be accompanied by New Zealand's
      Ambassador to the United States, Jim Bolger, and Saatchi & Saatchi boss
      Kevin Roberts when they meet New Line chiefs on February 12.

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