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Re: [mythsoc] Re: Spenser and Lewis

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  • Gwenyth Hood
    Thanks, Joe. Do you have a full reference to your Touring the Dark Tower article? --Gwenyth Hood
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 7, 2001
      Thanks, Joe. Do you have a full reference to your "Touring the Dark Tower"
      --Gwenyth Hood

      Joe Christopher wrote:

      > >I am doing a paper on Spenser's influence on modern fantasy (more
      > specifically-Spenser's influence on C.S. Lewis). Can any of you lovely
      > people give me a few resources I may consult?
      > >
      > >-Kat
      > >_
      > Kat--
      > (1) For references to Spenser in "The Dark Tower" see my old article in
      > _CSL_, "Touring 'The Dark Tower'" (written before Lindskoog had raised any
      > questions about "The Dark Tower.")
      > (2) For the better sort of references--the influence of _The Fairie Queene_
      > on the Ransom Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia, see Doris T. Myers'
      > "Spenser" in Martin's _Reading the Classics with C. S. Lewis_. Her notes
      > in that article will guide you to the pages on Spenser in her _C. S. Lewis
      > in Context_ in addition.
      > --Joe
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