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Re: Casting for LotR

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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    In a message dated 6/28/99 7:58:55 AM Central Daylight Time, ... I recommend that anyone interested in keeping up with this film drop in regularly at
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      In a message dated 6/28/99 7:58:55 AM Central Daylight Time,
      dianejoy@... writes:

      > I'm thinking that Arwen riding to the host is "roight
      > owt," as Monty Python would say. I don't remember anything of her doing
      > any such thing in LOTR.

      I recommend that anyone interested in keeping up with this film drop in
      regularly at http://www.ringbearer.org

      I believe it was at that site I read something sourced to the filmmakers
      which says Arwen will NOT be with the Company of the Ringbearers, but
      nevertheless there is obviously some active role for her, which they of
      course aren't making plain as of yet... I guess not being with the Company
      wouldn't preclude her turning up for the battle...

      Son John sent me these interesting "trailers" offered by a fan at that site:

      Narrator: the voice of the actor portraying Gandalf

      A black screen. As each word is spoken, it appears in gold calligraphic
      script on the screen and then fades as the next word is spoken and appears
      on the screen.

      Narrator: Imagine... a... world...

      No more captioning. A strain of music begins, sweet and haunting. Possibly
      played by a flute or panpipes. Rivendell appears on the screen.

      Narrator: Of unspeakable beauty...
      Rivendell fades to possibly the scene of the attack of the Dark Riders on
      the hobbits and Strider at the end of Chapter 11 just before they reach the
      Ford of Rivendell. The music changes to a strain conveying desolation and

      Narrator: And unimaginable horror.

      The Dark Rider attack fades to one of the computer-generated battle scenes.
      The music changes to main theme for the trilogy.

      Narrator: Where a war rages between good and evil...

      The battle scene fades to a scene of Frodo.

      Narrator: Where a solitary hobbit is the only possible hope...

      Frodo fades to a scene of Dark Riders riding their steeds.

      Narrator: As the Dark Lord of Mordor searches...

      The Dark Riders fade to a scene of Frodo holding the Ring. Camera pan to a
      close-up of the Ring.

      Narrator: For the One Ring that will allow him to enslave all of Middle

      Frodo fades to a scene of the Fellowship walking abreast except for the
      hobbits, which are ahead of the rest of the Fellowship, center screen,
      toward the camera. A road through the forest can be seen behind them. The
      Fellowship eventually stop walking when they fill the screen.

      Narrator: And become... the Lord of the Rings.

      At the same time as "the Lord of the Rings" is spoken, the title appears

      Lord of the Rings Part One Fellowship of the Ring

      Fade to black with the title remaining, then a complete fade to black.

      Here's another way to think about it:

      (Overhead view of the Shire, camera zooming in on Frodo's house. Inside
      Frodo holds the Ring, glowing from the fire)

      Gandalf:"This is the one ring he lost so many ages ago"

      (Camera zooms on ring and though it, revealing scene from Lothlorien with
      Celeborn and Galadriel)

      Narrator: "Three rings for elven kings under the sky.."

      (Galadriel showing Frodo her mirror. Camera zooms on and through mirror to
      reveal Gimli in the Mines of Moria)

      Narrator:" Seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone.."

      (Camera focuses on vast hall, which shifts and becomes a dimly-lit, grassy,
      windswept plain where the Nine Riders stand still, looking far off)

      Narrator:" Nine for mortal men doomed to die..."

      (Camera zooms in on darkness in rider's hood, revealing the flaming eye of

      Narrator:"One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne."

      (Outside shot of Barad-Dur and the plain of Gorgoroth)

      Narrator:" In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie."
    • Jim Bohannon
      Hear, hear Mary! That s a fine term. Who made the rules that say you re not a Star Trek fan if you don t dress like a Klingon and go to all the conventions?
      Message 35 of 35 , Jul 1, 1999
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        Hear, hear Mary! That's a fine term. Who made the rules that say
        you're not a Star Trek fan if you don't dress like a Klingon and go to
        all the conventions? Or that you're not a true Star Wars fan if you
        didn't camp out to get tickets to "Phantom Menace", or at least get to
        see it during the first week? (I did neither - but I am a Star Wars

        Another "moderate Trekkie & Star Wars fan",


        Stolzi@... wrote:
        > From: Stolzi@...
        > In a message dated 6/28/99 4:53:32 PM Central Daylight Time, FrMacKen@...
        > writes:
        > > An addendum: I think that my Star Trek jibe in a previous letter about the
        > > "Ears" controversy went unnoticed. We must not have any Trekkies in this
        > > group!
        > Oh no, I saw it, just didn't have any particular comment.
        > I consider myself a "moderate Trekkie," if there is such a beast.
        > Mary S
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