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Re: [mythsoc] Mythopoeic Awards

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  • Paul F. Labaki
    I m, right now, in the middle of Lord Dunsany s _The King of Elfland s Daughter_. If it is eligible, I d like to nominate for the adult fiction catagory. Del
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 20, 2001
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      I'm, right now, in the middle of Lord Dunsany's _The King of Elfland's
      Daughter_. If it is eligible, I'd like to nominate for the adult fiction
      catagory. Del Rey republished it in 1999. I'm not sure I'm remembering
      correctly, but I think books published in the last three years are eligible,
      are they not?

      I'll save most of my commentary for when I've finished it, but for now I'll
      say that I find it lyrical and pastoral in a way that is calming. Even
      reading in a busy restaurant it invokes a feeling of sitting quietly in a
      meadow, or listening to soft contemplative music. The language and style of
      the narrative is formal and introspective with very measured even pacing.
      This style as much as the subject matter makes it high fantasy. If it ends
      as a tragedy, so much the better for its art. I find myself hoping that it
      does. I'm amazed by that, but ...

      The only other Dunsanu I've read is a few of the first _Gods of Pagana_
      stories. Similar in style to _The King of Elfland's Daughter_ but not
      engaging. I've got better reason now to read more.

      Paul Labaki

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      >> I'd like to talk about books, too, but we're rarely all reading the same
      >> stuff here.
      > Good time for another plug for the Society's Mythopoeic Awards! Members of
      > the Society are invited to nominate books and/or to serve on one or more of
      > the award committees. The announcement of this year's nomination process
      > was sent to the list a few weeks ago -- check the archives, look on our web
      > site (URL at bottom of each message!), or contact me for more information.
      > I hope that interested parties will also feel free to discuss new fantasy (and
      > scholarship) eligible for this year's awards, over the next several months.
      > Remember: you may think a book is terrific, but if you don't let other readers
      > know, it may get lost in the maelstrom of swirling purple phrases.
      > Happy reading!
      > Ellie
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