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  • Trudy Shaw
    This brings up something I ve been wondering about--a couple of items I ve read seem to indicate that the trailer will only be attached to _certain_ prints of
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      This brings up something I've been wondering about--a couple of items I've read seem to indicate that the trailer will only be attached to _certain_ prints of Thirteen Days. Do you know if that's true and, if so, how to know where/when? Would a particular theater, for example, know ahead of time if they would be showing it? This may be a stupid question, but I'm admittedly ignorant where the movie business is concerned.

      And, alas, being in Omaha I don't think I'll make it to Burbank where I could be sure of seeing the trailer. I think we do have an AMC theater, though. (I've asked for Friday afternoon off from work, on the pretext that I have to leave for an out-of-town meeting. The meeting is real, but I truly wouldn't have to leave until about 4 pm. I'll be awfully disappointed if I use up vacation time and then don't get to see it!)

      -- Trudy

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      In a move that recalls the anticipation for Star Wars: Episode I, fans of
      Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy are ready to line
      at select theaters--not for the first film, which doesn't open until
      Christmas, but for the new theatrical trailer. Members of the Tolkien Guild
      are encouraging Los Angeles Rings fans to sign up to stand in line for 12
      hours to see the first screening of the trailer, which will come attached
      prints of New Line's Thirteen Days.

      The trailer will screen before and after the first showing of Thirteen Days
      at the AMC Theaters in Burbank, Calif., at 12:30 p.m. Jan. 12. AMC is
      holding 250 tickets exclusively for guild supporters who wait in line, the
      group said.

      The fan group is also encouraging fans in other cities to mount similar
      waiting campaigns.

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