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  • Steve Schaper
    ... Where did you find these?? ... One should not underestimate the amount of hate that is brewing in academia. :-(
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2000
      mythsoc@egroups.com wrote:Message:

      > Tuesday night we ran taste tests on the Every Flavor Jelly Beans. Since this
      > involved cutting each one we tasted into four bits so all could have a go, I
      > was really impressed by the amount of realistic flavor (on nearly every type)
      > Jelly Belly has packed into tiny compass. I bet it was a coveted assignment
      > to run R&D on this project!
      > We had buttered toast, toasted marshmallow, black pepper, various fruits (the
      > watermelon has a green coat and a red inside!), and did find a Booger Flavor
      > one and it did taste like boogers (salt, mostly, and the inside of your
      > nose). But far more revolting than that was the Sardine flavor. That is a
      > horrid jolt in something sweet!

      Where did you find these??

      > "We'll probably never see an annotated "The Lion, the Witch and the
      > Wardrobe" because the Christian elements in Lewis' work repel interesting
      > critics and scholars -- some of whom are still embarrassed about how much
      > they liked his books as kids. (Lewis scholarship exists, but it's a
      > hagiographic wasteland roamed by worshipful, third-rate Christian
      > academics who see his work as something close to divine revelation.)
      > Former fans often (mistakenly) dismiss his children's books as simple
      > religious allegories, and the well-earned reputation that Christians have
      > for smug proselytizing has tarnished much of Lewis' writing by
      > association."
      > Yikes!

      One should not underestimate the amount of hate that is brewing in academia. :-(
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