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Re: Stephen Lawhead as Mythopoeic art

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    In a message dated 6/25/1999 8:20:31 AM EST, dianejoy@earthlink.net writes:
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      << Darn. I have a feeling we could talk all night and don't have an
      "instant message" feature. Will have to see if I can put one on my
      computer :) . >>
      Concerning the Instant Message feature, Go to http://www.aol.com and
      download the free Instant Messager software.
      For myself, The Wizard of Earthsea makes the boldest stroke, however,
      the last book; Tehanu is a grand finish to a remarkable series. In both
      books, Ged is taught a lesson in humility. You are right about the Tombs of
      Atuan as well. In fact, LeGuin has commented that she received quite a few
      letters concerning her trilogy from Anglican priests and she herself is an
      The letter has to short, but I will write you again tonight
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