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Re: [mythsoc] New discussion list

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  • Berni Phillips
    From: Matthew Winslow ... since ... the ... great ... guilty ... Khazad-dum (the SF Bay Area s chapter of the MythSoc) just
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      From: "Matthew Winslow" <mwinslow-sf@...>
      > Anyway, I've been reading Kage Baker's 'The Company' stories and novels
      > they first started appearing in 'Asimov's' back in 1997, (I think that's
      > date of the first story), and I've been loving them. Her work is not
      > literature' or anything like that, but I find the stories captivating and
      > can't wait for the next novel to come out. (Perhaps you can call this a
      > pleasure of mine.)
      > I've started an email list for anyone who is interested in regularly
      > discussing her writings, at http://www.egroups.com/group/kagebaker and I
      > thought there might be some folks here who'd be interested.

      Khazad-dum (the SF Bay Area's chapter of the MythSoc) just discussed _Sky
      Coyote_, the second Company book yesterday. I was tickled by it and think I
      will read the third as well. (I read the first book a while back.) I've
      read some of the short stories and, as such things go, liked some better
      than others.

      Thanks, Matt, for starting the group and posting this.

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