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Re: [mythsoc] Did =you= find it?

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  • Sophie Masson
    You can t hide from a nine year old s eagle eye! But speaking as a writer, it is hard for writer editor typesetter etc to see every mistake, esp in a big book!
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2000
      You can't hide from a nine year old's eagle eye! But speaking as a writer,
      it is hard for writer editor typesetter etc to see every mistake, esp in a
      big book! I thought there was another mistake, when the murdered people's
      spirits came out from Voldemort's wands in the wrong order--was that a
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      > Reuters
      > LONDON (Oct. 21) - Like most nine-year-olds, Laila Banjar was spellbound
      > the latest Harry Potter tale of magic -- but she could still spot an error
      > missed by proof readers, editors and even author J.K. Rowling.
      > Banjar was reading ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' for a second
      > when she came across the glaring mistake -- leading character Crouch, who
      > gone missing on page 485, had made a sudden, and unplanned, reappearance.
      > The mistake, widely reported in British newspapers on Saturday, appears in
      > the ninth paragraph on page 503 of the 640 page bestseller.
      > Another Harry Potter secret is out of the bag. The Mirror reported that
      > Rowling had let slip the title of the fifth book -- Harry Potter and the
      > Order of the Phoenix -- during an interview on the 'Today' show.
      > Banjar's mother, Tracey, sent an e-mail to the publishers Bloomsbury
      > whether the offending sentence, which reads '''Dumbledore, come!' said
      > angrily.,'' was a printing error.
      > ''Yes, you are right about the error, we have forwarded your e-mail on to
      > editorial department,'' Bloomsbury admitted.
      > ''We are very upset that this error went unnoticed until after printing.''
      > The sentence should have referred to Cornelius Fudge and not Crouch.
      > ''I was really surprised when I spotted the mistake and then I jumped for
      > when I knew I was right,'' Banjar, from Somerset in western England, told
      > Times newspaper.
      > Bloomsbury stressed the mistake was not Rowling's.
      > ''Joanne is a complete perfectionist with her book and this mistake crept
      > during the typesetting stage,'' publicity director Katie Collins told the
      > Mirror.
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