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  • Joan Marie Verba
    LEE TALKS LORDS OF THE RINGS Actually, Christopher Lee is avoiding talking about the Lord of the Rings project. According to TheOneRing, an interview with
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2000

      Actually, Christopher Lee is avoiding talking about the Lord of the Rings
      project. According to TheOneRing, an interview with the veteran actor
      appears in the most recent issue of the French Lucasfilm magazine. Here's
      what the site reports Lee having said regarding Rings:

      Christopher Lee : [.] I've been entrusted for many secrets during WW2, and
      if I spoke, people died. I was in the intelligence service, special ops,
      I'm not going to tell much more. I've signed the " official secret act "
      that bounds me for life. And what I mean by this, is that I'm able to keep
      secret, and if I'm asked to say nothing, I say nothing. Never.

      Later on, M. Lee speaks about how experienced directors know the importance
      of " having fun " (speaking about his experiences with Lucas, Spielberg,
      Dante and Tim Burton) .

      CL : [.] in the same way, we had great fun on LOTR, this gigantic epic
      adventure [.]

      Q : Are you in the 3 LOTR movies ?
      CL : I'm surely in the two first. Concerning the third, I'm not sure. I've
      signed a confidentiality agreement. Similar to the one with Star Wars which
      forbids me to reveal anything. [.]

      Q : Have the 3 movies been filmed at the same time ?
      CL : I'll just say that they filmed the whole story. I really cannot say
      more. They're shooting the whole story which will be shaped in three
      different movies. According to my personal involvement, and what I've seen
      of action scenes, I would say that the effect will be as big as Star Wars
      its time. The two movies possess an epic dimension, though they're
      absolutely not alike since the first takes place in space in an undefined
      epoch, and the other takes place on earth, in fact the " middle-earth " in,
      again, an undefined epoch. No epoch or precise date is the only connection
      between these two productions.

      Q : I'm a great admirer of LOTR director Peter Jackson. Do you feel the
      CL : He's extraordinary. He's an absolutely remarkable director. And I know
      what I'm talking about, because I had the privilege to work with several
      directors of that level. Of course, in the case of LOTR, what Peter Jackson
      is doing comes from the mind and work of another genius, J.R.R. Tolkien.
      Peter Jackson is an incredible director. He has extraordinary intuition -
      all of the great directors know exactly what they want and how to get it.
      They don't always reach it, they would be first to admit that. But Peter
      Jackson's intuition in terms of dialogues, scene organization, is
      infallible. He seems to always know exactly what he wants - when he says
      "OK, we just got to print all this", we can be sure we won't do better,
      is very encouraging.

      Q: How long is your shoot in Australia?
      CL: Between 3 or 4 months, and I'll have to go back to Wellington
      immediately after for my ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording), for LOTR.

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