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Re: Lilith

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  • vaar aragon
    ... by George ... Title character & her domain are one of my favorite takes on the vampire overlord concept (memo to Dracula: you re a ruddy amateur ;) The
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 2, 2000
      --- In mythsoc@egroups.com, Melinda Jane Harrison <jharrison3@m...>
      > Hi:
      > Excited newbie still buying books. Anyone on the list read Lilith
      by George
      > MacDonald?

      Title character & her domain are one of my favorite "takes" on the
      vampire overlord concept (memo to Dracula: you're a ruddy amateur ;)
      The "little people" are also I think rather well done. But somehow
      the whole doesn't quite stand up...something about the concept of two
      different "best beloveds" (inherent in the myth, of course, so
      MacDonald is kinda stuck with it), offends the romantic in me. And
      the reform of a certain major character in the late stages smacks a
      little too much of brainwashing for my taste (I'm w/ Chesterton: "God
      sent man forth a free knight/Who might betray his Lord" or however
      that bit goes).

      Of his other fiction, I prefer Princess & Curdie to Princess & the
      Goblins (they can be read out of order with zero damage to lucidity),
      and my favorites of his fairy tales would be the Day Boy and the
      Night Girl (werewolf alert! Well, sorta, anyway...), and that story
      about the princess who waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon.

      > Would like recommendation to MacDonald's work. I already have
      > work. What
      > about Lord Dunsany's stories. I only have one.

      Had trouble getting into Dunsany, myself. Which is odd, because I
      can blast through Merritt, E.R.Burroughs, Russell Thorndyke,
      Lovecraft w/o a backward glance...
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