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Re: An eventual home for my Inklings et al collection

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  • SherryT
    Jason, Janet, thank you both for your prompt responses! And I was concerned that I would hear only crickets in the night! Jason, I ll contact the Cushing
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 8, 2013
      Jason, Janet, thank you both for your prompt responses! And I was concerned that I would hear only crickets in the night!
      Jason, I'll contact the Cushing Library.

      Janet, could you ask someone in UO Library Collections to "predict" whether the library might be interested in my collection in as little as one year or in as long as +20? They do have a crystal ball, right? It might help them make a decision if you give them my LibraryThing URLs.

      In either case, I would prefer a firm show of interest from an institution before writing this part of my will. 

      I expect to provide some funding toward the cost of cataloging as part of the bequest. As I mentioned in the earlier email, I've seen how the influx of hundreds of books can go down--from the other side. ;-D

      Under the Mercy


      "Shadow Harper" in UnCONventional  http://tinyurl.com/ UnCONventional22

      Narentan Tumults #1:   SEABIRD http://tinyurl.com/bl7kavr           

      Narentan Tumults #2:  EARTHBOW: Vol.1 http://tinyurl.com/Earthbow1           
                                      Vol.2 http://tinyurl.com/Earthbow2

      Right now, our SF is pretty much concentrated in the 50s-early 80s era, so a more recent collection would be a welcome addition!

      Janet Brennan Croft
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      Hi, Sherry. Great thing you're doing here! Please allow me recommend the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at the Cushing Library at Texas A&M University (my alma mater, coincidentally). I've visited the collection, and they have some incredible stuff -- for example, they hold all of George R.R. Martin's manuscripts and papers. Although they're already one of the best such collections in the country, maybe the world, they could always benefit from more material.

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      Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 9:10 pm
      Subject: An eventual home for my Inkling et al collection

      I've been meaning to post this since ever.
      I have a pretty fair collection of Inklings-related books, MythSoc publications, Geo MacDonald writings etc. For years now, I've wanted to come up with a beneficiary for the collection for my will. Preferably an organization of some kind rather than an individual collector, but that's as may be. I don't have a will yet because I don't know what to do about this stuph.

      You can find most of my books catalogued at LibraryThing.

      Everything I've entered to date, arranged by author:

      For a list of subcategories in my collection, see my profile: http://www.librarything.com/profile/SherryThompson

      Warning #1: many of the works listed at LT have nothing to do with the Inklings! However you can search the collection by author, etc.
      Warning #2: very few MythSoc publications have been entered to date. However, there are bunches.
      Warning #3: I'm 66 so, if God sees fit, the reading & implementation of my will may be decades away. Or not. ;-D   )
      Warning #4: Please don't recommend regular public or generic academic libraries. I worked at an academic library for 35 years, and also part time at a public library. I know what will happen to the collection if it's donated to an organization that doesn't already have an interest in the Inklings. If collectively those libraries are Scylla, then Charybdis is any organization with an interest in the Inklings but which already owns virtually everything I do.

      And there you are... Thanks!

      Under the Mercy

      "Shadow Harper" in UnCONventional  http://tinyurl.com/UnCONventional22

      Narentan Tumults #1:   SEABIRD http://tinyurl.com/bl7kavr           

      Narentan Tumults #2:  EARTHBOW: Vol.1 http://tinyurl.com/Earthbow1           
                                                            Vol.2 http://tinyurl.com/Earthbow2

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      From: Damien <d.bador@...>
      To: mythsoc <mythsoc@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 12:18 pm
      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: Parma Eldalamberon back issues?

      Hello all,
      I have also been in search of Parma #9 and #10 for quite a long time, as they 
      are out of print. So if anybody else has them, please let me know. I'll be happy 
      to make an offer as well.
      Being a little bit of a collector, I would also be interested by the original 
      printings of Parma #1 to #14 (included), as well as Vinyar Tengwar #1 to #27, 
      #29 to #35, #38, and #47 to #49. And any other fanzine even remotely linked to 
      Elvish languages, too. Just let me know if you are willing to sell any.
      Thank you,
      PS: My apologizes for all those who do not feel concerned by these requests.
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, Mem Morman <mem@...> wrote: > > Jeremy, > I have a couple of very old Parmas but will have to search them out. > I'll let you know what I have and if you want them they are yours. > Mem > > On 7/8/2013 5:59 PM, Jeremy Edmonds wrote: > > Hi all, > > > > I am looking for a few of the (long out of print) original back issues > > of Parma Eldalamberon - specifically #3 (not a photocopy), #9 and #10. > > Anyone have these laying around? Other issues or larger sets are > > potentially ok too if you are looking to clear some shelf space. If > > you find any you are willing to sell, I'll make an offer. > > > > Thanks for reading/looking! > > > > Jeremy
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