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Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien and women

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  • David Bratman
    You re welcome. I ve been to the message board and seen the original poster s acknowledgment that she probably misremembered. My guess is that what happened
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 10, 2013
      You're welcome. I've been to the message board and seen the original
      poster's acknowledgment that she probably misremembered. My guess is that
      what happened is that she took what Tolkien actually said about women's
      education in his letter to Michael, and unconsciously combined it in her
      mind with other stereotypical male chauvinist views of a quite different
      nature, and assumed that Tolkien accepted the whole package. Having read
      Letters only, which doesn't emphasize the other aspects of Tolkien's work
      with women's education, could reinforce this misapprehension.

      And who knows what such an otherwise-uninformed reader would make of the
      comment on Lewis's "very strange marriage" ...


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      Jeanette, John, David,

      Several people on the message board have asked me to convey their thanks to
      you for your answers.

      Wendell Wagner

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      On a message board I post to, someone has made the following claims:


      Back in my undergrad days (Those particular days being the semester
      leading up to the first LotR moving coming out, so... fall 2002?), I took a
      course about Tolkien (a 300 level Honors elective). One of the books we read
      a compilation of Tolkien's letters. One of the things I, as a budding
      young feminist, had a hard time getting over was just how WEIRD Tolkien was
      about gender relations. He refused to visit C.S. Lewis' house if Lewis' wife
      was home (because being in such a private setting with another woman might
      incite lustful thoughts). He was positively baffled at any woman who wanted
      to continue her education, and vehemently opposed to women at Oxford... not
      so much because he didn't think they were capable, but being around women
      might create lustful thoughts in the men and because... well, why are they
      even there? Why could they possibly want anything other than a home and a
      million babies? Isn't going to school just a waste of time for everyone
      involved, since once she meets the right man, she'll just want to go make


      Here's the URL for that thread:


      This sounds hopelessly wrong to me as a summary of Tolkien's opinions.
      Would anyone like to give some specific citations to show that it's wrong?

      Wendell Wagner
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