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    In a message dated 6/23/1999 11:41:22 AM EST, dianejoy@earthlink.net writes:
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      << The Star Wars universe has the potential to become great myth, but the
      movies only give us a sketchy outline. Tolkien gave us a *world.* I
      think that to make SW a myth we have to do a lot more of the "work" to
      give it the details and the texture of a real world, even though a movie
      gives us a literal vision. There's not space, budget or time enough to
      do a film that will equal the texture of a book. On its own terms SW
      works as myth, but only on a very elementary level.

      Books allow you more space, because the space you have is as large as
      the mind. We come up with films that no special effects or director
      could duplicate---and they're all different in each reader's mind.
      Movies only give one person's vision---the director's vision. Not that
      it's not great stuff on its own terms. In some ways, the demands of
      each medium are so different that it's like comparing apples and
      oranges. I don't think Tolkien was comfortable with films and didn't
      want a film to limit the pictures of LOTR that each individual reader
      dreams up as they read. OTOH, I recall seeing a drawing of a Tolkien
      scene done by Ted Naismith---and I gasped, because it came very close to
      how I had previously imagined the scene. The previous imagining was
      key. Had I been introduced to Leia in a book, we'd have a character
      with a lot more dimmension---this is the case even in the books that are
      media tie-ins. Don't get me wrong, I love good films, and I love SW,
      and it's a kind of myth---but it's thin. It's only the *beginnings of
      myth,* with the potential to grow into something greater. ---djb.
      I agree wholeheartedly with Diane.
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