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  • Westermeyer GS11 Paul W
    ... I love the photo of JRRT and CRRT that comes with the article. I often identify with Tolkien, as a fellow academic and an intellectual, raised Catholic,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 8, 2013
      > Posted by: "John Rateliff" sacnoth@... sacnoth32
      > Date: Mon Jan 7, 2013 11:40 am ((PST))
      > Thanks for the link, Joseph. Only had time to skim it so far, but interesting piece. My own position is simpler: CT has the right to make
      > the call over what does and doesn't get published and over what does and doesn't get filmed beyond LotR and H, the rights to which
      > were sold before his time by JRRT himself. I'm willing to trust his judgment.

      I love the photo of JRRT and CRRT that comes with the article. I often identify with Tolkien, as a fellow academic and an intellectual, raised Catholic, who struggles to provide for his family while also trying to write. And his relationship with his children, especially CRRT, as it comes through in his letters and in the Father Christmas letters, reminds me of mine with my own son (more and more, actually, as this year he has started joining me at the local game store for Friday night Flames of War games).

      Of course, I'm not a genius, so we aren't twins. ;) And my passion is history, not language. But I do identify with him. Heck, I suspect many gamemasters in general do, reading about his process while trying to write, edit, and organize has often reminded me of a gamemaster's struggle.

      I agree with the basic conclusion of the article, that CRRT is the right guy to decide and we have to trust his decision. I think we tend to see a blockbuster film as the 'climax' of a great tale's life, and so JRRT's work feels incomplete without a great film version. I think that is flawed thinking.

      And I could never thank Peter Jackson. I just can't thank the man when he gets so much about the work so fundamentally wrong. I feel rather that he should publish a long apology to CRRT, begging forgiveness for Faramir, shattering Gandalf's staff, the plot wrenches of Two Towers, the stone giants with dwarf fleas... the Goblin Town scene... Aragorn's 'journey' and so much more.

      > More to the point, I've been mulling over possible SILMARILLION films recently and come to the conclusion that the stories in the
      > first age aren't likely to lend themselves to filming the way LotR and H have. Too compressed, too rarified, too gloomy. I'd much rather
      > see an animated version of FARMER GILES or film shorts of LBN or SWM than an epic-length TURIN.

      I think, as others have mentioned that portions of the Silmarillion could be done as a film and have great power. Even better, would be an HBO-style miniseries. I think the Hobbit and LOTR themselves would have been better served by something along those lines, and with far greater literal adherence to the source then Jackson provided.

      If I'm still alive (doubtful) when the works enter the public domain, I hope that then are done in that sort of miniseries format.

      Paul Westermeyer

      “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
      J. R. R. Tolkien, _The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring_
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