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Tolkien and Sussex

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    I just acquired a couple of somewhat rare Peter Beagle books. One of the is The Lady and Her Tiger, which is by Pat Derby with Peter S. Beagle. It s a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2012
      I just acquired a couple of somewhat rare Peter Beagle books.  One of the is The Lady and Her Tiger, which is by "Pat Derby with Peter S. Beagle."  It's a 1976 book which is a memoir/biography of Pat Derby.  She was apparently somewhat of a celebrity at the time, which means she could get a moderately significant writer like Beagle as a ghost writer.  Now she doesn't even rate a Wikipedia entry.  She's mentioned in this one though:
      She was famous enough then that she was on "What's My Line?":
      As you can see, she was an animal trainer for movies, but she now runs an animal sanctuary.
      Anyway, the following appears in this book:
      > Sussex is Fairyland.  Sussex is Middle Earth.  J. R. R.
      Tolkien lived here most of his life . . .
      Um, what?
      Wendell Wagner
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