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RE: [mythsoc] Question about award eligibility?

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  • Oberhelman, D
    E-books are fine (Kindle, Nook, ePub, etc.), but as a general rule they should be books that are issued by a publisher. In general, we don t consider purely
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      E-books are fine (Kindle, Nook, ePub, etc.), but as a general rule they should be books that are issued by a publisher.  In general, we don't consider purely self-published works (Lulu, CreateSpace) and that often includes works that exist solely on a personal website, blog, or pre-publication excerpts. 

      The formats are evolving as are the publishing practices of authors, so it's often a case-by-case issue.  Please contact me off-list if you have questions about a specific title.



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      Do publications strictly in E-format count?  Do publications online only count?
      Wendell Wagner
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      To give a quick answer to Rebecca's question, books do not have to be published in the US to be eligible for the Mythopoeic Fantasy or Scholarship Awards.  That said, our selection committees for the awards are almost entirely US-based, so the availability of a title that is only in print in the UK or another country can be an issue (especially since many use library copies).  We have made arrangements in previous years to get reading copies to circulate among the members if a book is not widely held in US libraries, and that also includes books published by small presses as well.

      As a gentle reminder to all, only current members of the Mythopoeic Society can nominate titles, and please send your "official" nominations to my awards email address by 1 February 2013:  awards@...

      Criteria for the awards and the current call for nominations can be found at http://www.mythsoc.org/awards

      Also, we are looking for volunteers to serve on the selection committees.  Please email me off the list with questions or if you are interested in serving.

      Thanks for your interest in the awards,

      David Oberhelman
      Mythopoeic Awards Administrator


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      Subject: [mythsoc] Question about award eligibility?


      Does a book need to have been published in the US in order to be eligible? Or may UK and/or Canadian editions released in 2011-12 be nominated?
      (R.J. Anderson)

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