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narrators of lotr and the hobbett who do people like?

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  • Mich
    Hello John r. yes that is vary sad that nun of the middle earth volumes were not put out in audio. I did how ever find a audio version of the unfinished tales
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      Hello John r. yes that is vary sad that nun of the middle earth volumes were not put out in audio. I did how ever find a audio version of the unfinished tales red by Rob inglis. I find it interesting that you say (which I've always found too monotone for my taste so that begs me to ask who out of all the people who have red lotr or the hobbit over the years since I am sure there are unab versions out there red by people other then mr. inglis who do you prefer? since having only herd readings by him and a few narrators from the cnib talking book people  I can't think of any other  unab recordings of lotr and the hobbit red by any one elts aside from mr. Rob Inglis. and no the bbc dramas of lotr and the hobbet don't count since they were abridged and I like Unabridged all the way! but if there are then I sertnly would like to know who reads them and to try to track them down. from Mich.  
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      Hi again.
         Others have partly answered this already, but just to confirm: the Rob Inglis recordings (which I've always found too monotone for my taste) are of the third (or possibly fourth) edition text of THE HOBBIT and the second edition of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Both texts have since been changed in relatively minor ways that don't much affect just reading or listening to the story.  THE QUEST OF EREBOR has never appeared in any edition of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, having been cut by Tolkien himself before publication.* Instead, it was first published in UNFINISHED TALES. Another version (i.e., a different draft) appears as an appendix in the second edition of THE ANNOTATED HOBBIT. In addition, Christopher Tolkien gives a detailed account with some excerpts of how it was first drafted, and how it would have fit into LotR, in the twelfth and final volume of THE HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH: THE PEOPLES OF MIDDLE-EARTH (HME.XII.282). I don't think any of these have audio versions, unfortunately.
         Mind you, as I understand it the movie people don't have permissions to use any material from UNFINISHED TALES, and they certainly don't for HME, so their borrowings will have to be limited to what's in LotR and its Appendices.

      --John R.

      *rather like he cut the Epilogue of LotR, which you shd definitely track down if you haven't read it yet; it appears (in two different versions) in HME.IX.114ff

      On Nov 13, 2012, at 7:49 AM, Mich wrote:
      Hi yes it does help for sure. it does make me wonder though. having the unab books of the hobbit and lotr dun by recorded books and red by Rob inglis I wonder witch version of the books were used in the recording of these books. I also have the appendices of lotr on cd 16 of rotk. I don't remember though reading anything about  "THE QUEST OF EREBOR in any of those books. and the only timeI have first herd of this was in the trailers for the upcoming hobbit films dun by pj. I wonder do you know if any of these books you reference like the history of the hobbit are out in audio format? or any accessible format? from Mich. 
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      Subject: [mythsoc] Tolkien's 1960 Hobbit

      Hi Mich
         Here's a brief run down.
         Tolkien wrote THE HOBBIT between 1930 and 1932/33 (at least, that's our best guess). It was published in 1937.
         In about 1944/47 he re-wrote the Gollum chapter to better suit that character as he'd been developed in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This revision was published as the "second edition" of THE HOBBIT in 1951.
         While finishing up LotR, he drafted "THE QUEST OF EREBOR", which wd have been part of Appendix A; it briefly retells the events of "An Unexpected Party" from Gandalf's point of view.
         In 1960, Tolkien decided to re-write the whole HOBBIT in the style of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, but abandoned the attempt when the party reached Rivendell. This fragment was published for the first time in my THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT in 2007.
         In 1965, Tolkien made a number of relatively small changes throughout THE HOBBIT; this was published as the "third edition".

         I hope this helps.
      --John R.   

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