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Fwd: [mythsoc] Re: A Rare Tolkienian Treasure

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  • Andrew Higgins
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7 1:35 AM

      Wayne & Christina 

      I see your point and would not want to do anything to upset the Tolkien 

      I have removed the blog post for now and will take advice from the 
      Estate.  If I do repost it I will incorporate your very helpful suggestions.  I have found a UV protected screen and frame and the letter now hangs in a place of honor by all my Tolkien books (including all of your excellent books!) 

      Best Andy 

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      On 7 Sep 2012, at 02:26, "Wayne G. Hammond" <Wayne.G.Hammond@...> wrote:

      Dear Andrew,

      Merlin is technically right about the legal issues of publishing your Tolkien letter on your blog -- for it is publishing, of a previously unpublished work, in its entirety, regardless of purpose or profit or the number of readers of your blog (which has probably had an uptick from the publicity). We've learned to be very careful when including on our website even snippets from unpublished Tolkien letters, to stay in the Tolkien Estate's good graces for the sake of future projects, i.e. we ask first. Although one sees letters in whole or in part within auction or manuscript sellers' listings, this is a grey area of law, supported by tradition and common practice. Copyright lawyers don't like it but can't do much about it.

      Be that as it may, of course we're glad to see the letter, and that our Companion and Guidwas of use to you. We can offer some corrections to the transcription: For "efforts to continued writing along with the pressure of my affairs", read "efforts to continue [no d] writing with [noalong"] the pressure of my affairs". For "strict orders to diet" read "strict orders as to diet". The phrase "hours of work" looks right to us. And in the final paragraph, there should be a comma after "Oxford".


      Wayne & Christina

      Wayne G. Hammond & Christina Scull
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