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Re: [mythsoc] Re: A Rare Tolkienian Treasure

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  • Andrew Higgins
    Merlin Thanks for your email. I did take some advice on this and was told that if it is a limited use and not for any profit it would be fine to include as a
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 6, 2012

      Thanks for your email.  I did take some advice on this and was told that if it is a limited use and not for any profit it would be fine to include as a post on my blog with pixs and a transcription.  As I have done this on my blog which has a very limited readership and our Tolkien academic community I thought it would be fine to share this as it would be of interest and i hope I did this in a consdiered academic way setting a context for the letter.  I will be going to the Bodleian Library soon to do some field work for my Tolkien work and I have been advised by a leading Tolkien scholar whose opinion I very much respect to show the letter to the Tolkien manuscript team there which I will do.  

      I did not intend to use this letter in any published materials and if this were to arise I would ask for further advice on how to do this and if permission from the estate would be needed.   

      Hope that clarifies. I have seen similar Tolkien letters with transcriptions on websites attempting to selll these letters for profit - my objective was to share an interesting piece of Tolkien's communication with our community and will never try to profit from it as it is a cherished gift and that wold be tantamount to trying to auction a silmaril on Ebay! 

      Thanks Andy 

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      On 5 Sep 2012, at 20:20, not_thou <emptyD@...> wrote:


      It's always a treat to see a new Tolkien letter, so I hate to seem ungrateful by asking this, but doesn't quoting more than a fair-use snippet of someone else's previously unpublished letter, even one that you physically own, require the permission of the writer or his heirs?


      ---Andrew Higgins <asthiggins@...> wrote:
      > I recently was given a great gift from a dear friend an actual letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien written in April 1973 which mentions his desire to complete a part of his unfinished work. I have done a blog posting on this on my Wotan's Musing blog site which includes my attempt at transcribing the letter and to set some context for it using Letters and Scull and Hammond. Happy for other thoughts and comments as I will continue to explore this incredible Tolkienian gift.

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