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Re: [mythsoc] let me rephrase that...

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 4, 2000
      << So, in short, it is a good thing to portray characters whose views
      differ from your own, as long as those views are presented honestly, as if
      by someone who actually holds them. It takes some empathy, but if you
      haven't got that, you are probably
      better off not trying to write at all.
      Does this help any? >>

      Um, yes, I think so. I think the hypocrisy question has been answered
      satisfactorily, and I'm getting a lot of things to chew on from this group.
      (Besides HP, which I'm heartily sick of hearing about, having found it no
      more outlandish or unique than, say, a book about children growing up in the
      city, which was equally bizarre to my childhood outlook.)

      Back to the spirituality in fiction theme... I guess it's not that I would
      be trying to write about characters who are, in some terms, meant to be
      Christian, or Christian themes, while I am a total non-Christian, because I'm
      nominally a member of the Church. Or that I would be writing of something I
      know nothing of -- an interesting concept, that someone would run on so much
      ignorance, but then again, I'm sure not every horse book is written by a
      horse person, nor every steamy romance by ah, uhm, let's try again to get
      back to that other theme.... I was an altar girl for many years and worked
      for a short time at the Episcopal Church's national HQ in NYC. I love
      churches and liturgy and considered attending, even interviewed at, General
      Theological Seminary. But I still fail at the whole maintaining the belief
      myself thing... and I would want my characters to get through and succeed at
      their faith. If I can make them; we know how independent-minded those
      fictional people can be.

      I have totally lost whether there is a point to this line of thought so I'll
      shut up now. Happy Labor Day everyone...

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