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Re: [mythsoc] Review of CSL's translation of the Aeneid

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  • Alana Joli Abbott
    I think we used the Fagles translation of the *Odyssey* when I studied it in college, and I recall liking his style. I ll have to see what my local library has
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 15, 2011
      I think we used the Fagles translation of the Odyssey when I studied it in college, and I recall liking his style. I'll have to see what my local library has easily available. :)


      On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 4:14 PM, Larry Swain <theswain@...> wrote:

      I too recommend the Mandelbaum; it's a good read.  Also, you might try the Fagles translation from Penguin which is also enjoyable and accessible.
      Larry Swain
      On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 12:35 -0700, scribbler@... wrote:

      I haven't studied Homer in the Greek (although I do have The Odyssey in
      the Greek/English edition). But he is a more vivid storyteller than
      Virgil. Virgil I HAVE studied in the Latin -- he is more formal in his
      storytelling, and ... well, more Roman (order is more important, and has a
      more Stoic sensibility) than Homer.

      As for good translations of Virgil, I'd recommend Mandelbaum's verse
      translation. It won the National Book Award, and is more accessible.

      > Alana Joli Abbott wrote:
      >>I've not read the Aeneid in full; the Lewis
      >>version might be an excuse to move it up my
      > I trust you're aware that you won't be able to read it in full from Lewis,
      > as his translation is not complete. Good luck in finding another
      > translation to complete your reading; the one I read in college, I don't
      > remember who by, was dull, duller, dullest. After Homer, it felt like
      > reading a Tolclone after The Lord of the Rings, but I honestly can't say
      > how much of that was the translator's fault and how much Virgil's.

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