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Riddell Memorial Lectures

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Can anyone help me with the following piece of research?: In my paper at Mythcon, I talked about the origins of The Abolition of Man. One of the things
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      Can anyone help me with the following piece of research?:  In my paper at Mythcon, I talked about the origins of The Abolition of Man.  One of the things that I talked about was the Riddell Memorial Lectures.  This was the lecture series in which Lewis gave the talks that became the book.  There is surprisingly little general information about the lecture series anywhere on the Internet.  Here is the only general document about the series that I have been about to find:
      I know that the series is given at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (which used to be King's College, Newcastle, which was just a branch campus of the University of Durham when the lecture series started).  I know who it's named after and when it started.  I'm pretty sure that it was annual from 1928 to 1971 and biannual after that point (with couple of random years dropped over its history) and that it still exists, as of 2010.
      There's no complete list of all the lectures anywhere that I can find.  There's no webpage about the series (and no Wikipedia entry for it).  There's no indication of how to reach anyone connected with running it or keeping a general history of it.  By doing an enormous amount of Googling, I have been able to find out the title of the lectures and the name of the lecturer for 41 of the (approximately) 62 times that it has been given.  (Most, perhaps all, of the lectures were published as books.)  Does anyone know anything more about the series or know how to find out more about it?  Yeah, I suppose that I could try contacting random administrators at the University of Newcastle, but I suspect that I would get ignored, passed on to other people who would ignore me, and told to mind my own business.
      Wendell Wagner
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