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  • Berni Phillips
    Since I haven t seen anyone else post this, I will. Ellie put a link on the Myth Soc home page to an article written on the just-past Mythcon. It s a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31 6:19 PM
      Since I haven't seen anyone else post this, I will. Ellie put a link on the
      Myth Soc home page to an article written on the just-past Mythcon. It's a
      very nice article and it quotes members both old and new. The photo (I
      can't remember if it's labeled or not) is of the readers' theater version of
      the Narnia stories that Darci Hill dramatized.

      I don't recall reading any Mythcon reports here either! Perhaps they were
      all sent to Ellie for Mythprint. It's too bad more people couldn't make it.
      (I know it would have been a REALLY long drive for the Stolzenbachs, who
      normally come.) Sue Dawe wasn't there, either, to teach Lee Speth any new
      skills. (See Mythcon reports from earlier years written by Lee Speth: "Sue
      Dawe Taught Me Ship Building," "Sue Dawe Taught Me Leather," etc.)

      The Mythcon was very nice, very cool in more ways than one. (Ellie wasn't
      kidding when she said to bring a jacket. It was a nice change from being
      hot and sweaty.) Kilauea Military Camp is not as imposing as it sounds.
      Instead of the usual dorms, we had cozy little cabins. Okay, some were a
      little cozier and "quainter" than others, but ours was very nice. We were
      right by the caldera of the volcano (Mt. Kilauea), so there was a blessing
      there before the procession leading to the opening ceremony. Steve
      Goldsberry was a great guest of honor, and his wife U'i was absolutely
      charming. I hope to see them at more Mythcons. There were fewer program
      items than usual I think, but they were all good. Ellie was on top of form
      for her Not Ready skit this year, and the small masquerade (5 entries) was

      (My favorite masquerade entry was Autumn Rauscher as a terrifying pint-size
      Pele. She delivered her prepared speech very well. The best part was when
      she mentioned her sister, the water goddess, and Emily Rauscher ran out on
      stage and squirted Autumn with water. Emily ran off again and Autumn
      continued, "She is my enemy. I hate her." If you know Autumn, you can
      imagine how funny this was. She is the strongest willed child I've ever met
      but also very nice and polite.)

      I skipped the luau (not exactly vegetarian-friendly) and hula show but went
      to the banquet so I could hear the award winners. The banquet was a little
      funky -- the room was darker than I like and music from other parts of the
      restaurant kept intruding upon speeches and conversation -- but the view was
      spectacular. This was a very surreal night: banquet, masquerade, Not Ready
      for Mythcon Players skit, readers' theater, then around midnight, going back
      to the theater to view a half-hour homage to Hawaii, snippets of videos both
      serious and absurd, compiled by Ellie Farrell, Carl Hostettor, and Arden
      Smith. (And Arden, we all know the Charlie's Angels and Brady Bunch
      selections were yours. Carl probably contributed the footage on the bombing
      of Pearl Harbor.)

      So, y'all come to Berkeley next year!

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