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Re: [mythsoc] What we're all about, I guess ... ?

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 31, 2000
      << When you talk about writing Christian fantasy, what does the expression
      for you? "Christianise" old myths? Express Christian beliefs in the guise of
      fantasy? Or, starting from a Christian point of view, create new myths? How
      far do you think the stories we invent may shape the world we live in, today
      and tomorrow? >>

      Hi Julia,

      I'm so rusty I'm not sure any more. LOL. What I like to write is fiction
      and poetry that sees the world with the light of God's creation blazing
      through it. I mean, IF there's a God, but that's my problem, not the
      literature's. So it can mean working with popular older myths, or elements
      from them (after all, I think everything's been done to some extent, pretty
      much); or it can mean taking totally modern people and conflicts and trying
      to search out how to work through them to a happy ending (I personally prefer
      them) involving aesthetically pleasing spirituality. To put it succinctly
      and disrespectfully. I have in my fiction a "creation myth" which hasn't
      been tested against any authorities to see if it can be a "good Christian
      fantasy one," and a few creatures. I just need stronger plotting. LOL

      I liked _Canticle for Leibowitz_ but it's been Years. I did find Lewis'
      Space Trilogy to be more than a tad far-out. The coffin full of rose petals,

      I agree that "true Christianity" has to include the starkness and darkness.
      I used to get a great little periodical called "Weavings" but I wasn't making
      time to read it so I discontinued the subscription. From time to time it
      dealt with the wasteland periods. Maybe if I read it more I wouldn't be in
      this one now!

      I tend to ramble, so i will sign off now, wondering if I've said anything.

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