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Re: [mythsoc] Harold Bloom on Tolkien

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  • John Rateliff
    Thanks David; that s just what I wanted to know. Suspected he may have swapped out an essay or two, but had no idea they were essentially two different books
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 28, 2011
      Thanks David; that's just what I wanted to know. Suspected he may have swapped out an essay or two, but had no idea they were essentially two different books with the same title.

      P.S.: The inclusion of Moorcock says a lot, doesn't it?

      On Mar 28, 2011, at 3:48 PM, David Bratman wrote:
      > John Rateliff <sacnoth@...> wrote:
      >> Does anyone know offhand if there's any difference
      >> between the two different editions (2000 and 2008)
      >> of Harold Bloom's THE LORD OF THE RINGS, part of
      >> series, aside from the two different covers? I
      >> cant find a table of contents for either and so
      >> don't know if anything was added (or dropped)
      >> for the second editon.
      > They're both completely different, aside from Bloom's introductions.
      > I copied it all out when I was checking them over for the Year's Work in Tolkien Studies (the following did not make it into the article):
      > J.R.R. Tolkien (2000)
      > Thomas J. Gasque, “Tolkien: The Monsters and the Critters” (Isaacs & Zimbardo, 1968)
      > Paul H. Kocher, “Cosmic Order” (Master of Middle-earth, 1972)
      > Roger Sale, “Tolkien and Frodo Baggins” (Modern Heroism, 1973)
      > Daniel Grotta-Kurska, “The Author (1953-1965)” (Architect, 1976)
      > Timothy R. O’Neill, “The Individuated Hobbit” (from the same title, 1979)
      > Anne C. Petty, “Tolkien’s Prelude” (One Ring to Bind them All, 1979)
      > Paul H. Kocher, “A Mythology for England” (Reader’s Guide to the Silmarillion, 1980)
      > Neil D. Isaacs, “On the Need for Writing Tolkien Criticism” (Isaacs & Zimbardo 2, 1981)
      > T.A. Shippey, “Lit. and Lang.” (Road to Middle-earth, 1982)
      > Richard L. Purtill, “Myth and Story” (Myth Modernity & Religion, 1984)
      > J.R.R. Tolkien, new edition (2008)
      > Charles A. Huttar, “Tolkien, Epic Traditions, and Golden Age Myths” (Filmer 20C Fantasists, 1992)
      > David & Carol D. Stevens, “The Hobbit” (The Art of the Mythmaker, 1992)
      > William H. Green, “Bilbo’s Adventures in Wilderland” (Journey into Maturity, 1995)
      > George Clark, J.R.R. Tolkien and the True Hero” (Clark & Timmons, 2000)
      > Jane Chance, “The King under the Mountain” (Tolkien’s Art, 2001)
      > Jorge J.E. Gracia, “The Quests of Sam and Gollum for the Happy Life” (LOTR & Philosophy, 2003)
      > Brian Rosebury, “Tolkien in the History of Ideas” (Cultural Phenomenon, 2003)
      > Verlyn Flieger, “An Unfinished Symphony” (Interrupted Muse, 2005)
      > Marjorie Burns, “Skin-Changing in More than One Sense” (Perilous Realms, 2005)
      > John C. Hunter, “The Evidence of Things Not Seen:” (J Modern Lit, 2006)
      > J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings (2000)
      > Hugh T. Keenan, “The Appeal of LOTR” (Isaacs & Zimbardo, 1968)
      > Burton Raffel, “LOTR as Literature” (Isaacs & Zimbardo, 1968)
      > Randel Helms, “Frodo Anti-Faust” (Tolkien’s World, 1974)
      > Humphrey Carpenter, “1925-1949 (ii): The Third Age” (Biography, 1977)
      > Jane Chance, “LOTR: Tolkien’s Epic” (Tolkien’s Art, 1979)
      > Jared Lobdell, “Defining LOTR: An Adventure Story in the Edwardian Mode” (England & Always, 1981)
      > David L. Jeffrey, “Recovery: Name in LOTR” (Isaacs & Zimbardo 2, 1981)
      > Rose A. Zimbardo, “The Medieval-Renaissance Vision of LOTR” (Isaacs & Zimbardo 2, 1981)
      > Kathryn W. Crabbe, “The Quest as Legend” (Crabbe 2, 1988)
      > J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, new edition (2008)
      > Michael Moorcock, “Epic Pooh” (Wizardry and Wild Romance, 1987)
      > Jane Chance, “‘Queer’ Hobbits: The Problem of Difference in the Shire” (LOTR: The Mythology of Power, 2001)
      > Michael N. Stanton, “Mind, Spirit, and Dream in LOTR” (Hobbits Elves & Wizards, 2001)
      > Mark T. Hooker, “Frodo’s Batman” (TS 1)
      > Jared Lobdell, “In the Far Northwest of the Old World” (World of the Rings, 2004)
      > Marjorie Burns, “Spiders and Evil Red Eyes” (Perilous Realms, 2005)
      > Andrew Lynch, “Archaism, Nostalgia, and Tennysonian War in LOTR” (Chance & Stiewers, 2005)
      > Sue Zlotnik, “Gothic Echoes” (Eaglestone, 2005)
      > Verlyn Flieger, “Tolkien and the Idea of the Book” (Blackwelder, 2006)
      > Mary R. Bowman, “The Story Was Already Written” (Narrative [journal], 2006)
      > Nancy Enright, “Tolkien’s Females and the Defining of Power” (Renascence [journal], 2007)
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