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Re: The pleasure of a well-made book (began with e-readers)

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  • lynnmaudlin
    ooooh, Wayne! *little shiver of delight!* :D -- Lynn --
    Message 1 of 40 , Feb 18, 2011
      ooooh, Wayne! *little shiver of delight!* :D

      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne G. Hammond" <Wayne.G.Hammond@...> wrote:
      > Darrell wrote:
      > >One of my treasured objects is a reproduced 1733 edition of the "King
      > >James" New Testament. . . .
      > >
      > >Yet, just as you said, I find myself reading this book sometimes just
      > >for the pleasure of holding the thing in my hand. The feel of the
      > >lambskin is hard to duplicate in a (insert your e-reader here). I used
      > >to fear reading my Folio Society editions of Hobbit and LoTR because it
      > >would make them less saleable. I realized after a while that they will
      > >probably only leave my possession at the dissolution of my estate, so
      > >phooey on hermetically sealed storage. Now there are a few small scuff
      > >marks on them. Yes, I wash my hands before reading them; no, they aren't
      > >the latest editions of the texts; but there is a joy in the act of
      > >reading a well-made book that can't be duplicated on a screen.
      > At my library last month we had some students looking at 19th-century
      > American manuscripts, one of which had a quotation from the King
      > James Bible. The student asked if we could provide a copy of the King
      > James version so he could check the passage. With apologies that we
      > had only the one copy on hand (we're in temporary quarters), I
      > brought him the King James Bible in its 1611 first printing. He was
      > most impressed.
      > Wayne
    • Lisa Harrigan
      I have an e-reader on my Palm PDA. The screen is almost big enough, and since it is always with me, it means that I always have a few books in my purse without
      Message 40 of 40 , Feb 23, 2011
        I have an e-reader on my Palm PDA. The screen is almost big enough, and
        since it is always with me, it means that I always have a few books in
        my purse without taking up additional space. Readability is sometimes a
        bit wobbly, but I can enlarge the print to where these older eyes can
        see clear enough to not die of eye strain. Page turnings are more
        frequent, but that is easy with the touch sensitive screen. And books
        with footnotes are much easier to deal with, as the footnote is just a
        screen touch away. Still I can't read it in Bright Light, so I won't be
        using it at the pool any time soon.
        I bought The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings specifically so that I
        could have copies with me whenever I wanted them, and being able to
        search electronically was also a useful function. A Paper Index at the
        back of a book is nice, but direct search is some times more useful. YMMV
        Current plans are to buy a Samsung Galaxy (android) phone soon, and drop
        a reader with my books onto it. The screen is about the same size but
        with an even better resolution, so readability should improve.
        I would love to buy a Color Nook, as many of my favorite magazines
        (Science News, Scientific American, Astronomy) come with lovely color
        pictures and graphs, but I don't necessarily need to have the paper
        copies of the magazines. But I may just end up buying a Color Tablet
        with reader capabilities to avoid 1 trick ponies filling up my purse.
        That is a debate for when the pocketbook recovers from New Phone Purchase.
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