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  • John Davis
    Drat, I ve been sucked in by your cunning marketing campaign! I ll go sign up. Thanks, John ... From: Croft, Janet B. To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 15 , Jan 21, 2011
      Drat, I've been sucked in by your cunning marketing campaign!
      I'll go sign up.
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      Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:36 PM
      Subject: RE: [mythsoc] Mythlore


      We send out an older sample issue with new memberships just to get you hooked like this! (See, it works!) Current subscriptions and additional back issues can be ordered through our website, below.

      Janet Brennan Croft

      Editor of Mythlore http://www.mythsoc.org/mythlore.html

      "Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the rising ape meets the falling angel." -Terry Pratchett

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      Subject: [mythsoc] Mythlore


      Having finally gotten around to joining the Mythopoeic Society as an email-member (I've lurked on this list long enough that I thought it was about time!), I was both pleased and surprised to get a copy of Mythlore through the post. Pleased because, well, anything unexpected through my door regarding the Inklings is always good, and surprised because it is number 15, and apparently from 1977.

      Which, aside from reminding me how nice it is to receive journals and zines by post instead of online, makes me wonder if someone can let me know how I sign up to receive more up-to-date editions?



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