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Query: interested in a Narnia conference this fall? Suggestions for us?

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  • David Lenander
    After the good discussion at CONvergence of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the Rivendell Discussion Group of the Mythopoeic Society is exploring holding a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2010
      After the good discussion at CONvergence of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the Rivendell Discussion Group of the Mythopoeic Society is exploring holding a miniconference this fall on Narnia/Voyage in anticipation of the opening of the new motion picture.  Initial reactions are good enough that I think we'll be doing something.  But that may be a 3-program block on Friday afternoon, or a 2-day series of programs and discussions.  Or something in-between.  
      We will cooperate with the Children's Literature Research Collections of the University (of MN) Libraries, and examined their schedule to arrive at a proposed date of Friday, Dec. 10--which turns out to be the day that the film is scheduled to open.  We've tentatively reserved 120 Andersen Library for a conference, along with the Saturday (the next day) in case that would be better, or we go to two days.  We may also program at other local facilities, such as the nearby public library branch, the Southeast Community Library.  

      This could be a program somewhat like the one we held at the Southdale Library a few years back (there are some pictures up on the Rivendell page) only focused more for adults, or if we could find some, a program of a few papers on Narnia or related topics.  We would probably arrange some panel discussions with different angles on the various related topics including a few local authors and perhaps a U professor or two.  We could hold our planned discussion of Laura Miller's _The Magician's Book_ in connection with this, or of the CSL book or possibly even the movie as some might see it the night before.  We might have a poetry reading, or other reading of stories or papers.  Perhaps a slide presentation.  Or???

      I bring it to the attention of the MythSoc discussion list not because I'm expecting people to be booking flights to the Twin Cities in December, but in case you can point me to resources of which I might be unaware, people in the upper midwest who've written papers or might have some expertise to share and for whom a drive to the twin cities might be possible.  Or who might be in the TC area but whom we've not encountered in the Rivendell group.  These might be CSL fans or scholars who've less interest in our usual discussion topics of more general fantasy topics.  Of if you have some great ideas for Dawn Treader, Narnia, CSL or more general Inklings programming.  

      I directed these questions to the Rivendell mailing list, but I'm happy to take answers from farther afield, too:  What do you think?  would you be interested in attending?  Would you have a paper or anything you'd like to do (slides, a talk, etc.)?  Other ideas or suggestions?  
      Could you help with the organization?

      How about a snazzy title for the program/conference?  Original illustrations of Reepicheep or the Dawn Treader, that you'd be willing to let us incorporate into flyers/web-pages?

      David Lenander
      2095 Hamline Ave. N.
      Roseville, MN 55113


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